He’s got this. ~ a confession

Been kinda off my game lately and have not felt inspired to blog. Yet, since this life with Christ is about Christ’s strength in us not our own, I wanted to let you know what was up with me. As I have dedicated my life to clinging to the only One who is faithful and consistent at all times, I can appear to have those same attributes. But in all reality I have times where I loosen my grip of Him and have times of great weakness and struggle.

In this current stint of brokenness, God graciously told me it was coming and He told me that I would have the strength to bounce back out of it. Yet, in the past few days things have seemed really grim. If it is true that a minister is the most important calling on the face of the planet, then there must come with it the most difficult spiritual battles. This seems to be that.

When all that your living in has been established in faith, and that same faith that holds it all together is challenged, what is left?  I’ll tell you… a lot of questions and a lot of flailing.

So this is where I am right now. It won’t last much longer, I’m sure of it. It would be really cool to have some kind of cool verse to encourage you right now. Or some kind of moral to my story. I don’t have that.

God is mysterious. He doesn’t have to answer to us. He is God. In this I find great peace, He’s got this, I’m sure of it.


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