Over the past month God has totally challenged the way I saw and interacted with Him. In a quick but non explanatory way, He took my “spiritual disciplines” from me and breathed life into them. It felt like having my life taken from me, it hurt bad. I had placed all my eggs into God and our relationship and for about a month He took the comforting part of that relationship from me. But thankfully, all the pain and deep frustration He brought me through on the front end has been rewarded with a deeper stronger relationship on this end. I guess it could be compared to having a kidney transplant or something.

As a result of this transition I’ve noticed that the mystery of God has become easier to recognize. Not the faithless wonder of “if” He is who I think is; it’s more like “OMG” you’re more mysterious and wonderful than I can handle.

In the past I was quick to pray, quick to teach, quick to give good counsel. But now there is a great reverence and a lack of confidence in any from of hastiness.

SO in some way, I have been wanting to blog and chat about what’s going on, but while in the middle of this storm it felt like my proverbial home was taken from me. It just now appears that I’ve been given a simpler more wondrous home with Christ. Not sure how this will effect this blog. Up to this point I’ve felt very reserved in my sharing, if I’m not as frequent or there are longer pauses in my sharing here I haven’t let go of God I just may be getting dealt with like all those who are loved by God. He indeed chastens those whom He loves. Thanks for following me as I follow Christ.


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