Let folks in.

Are you in a small group and cell group or a community group? Community is an absolute necessity for good health.

More important than going to a friends house each week, living in community has more to do with you allowing others to know you than being somewhere each week. And it is very possible to be in a small group-cell group-community group and NOT let anyone in.

Small groups and the safety that lies within are established to develop healthy habits of living fully known by God and fully known by other humans.

In some cases the absence of community is a sign of a wound or a disfunction of our personalities. Sometimes we don’t really acknowledge this fact. But to know that two fold call on our life from God is to Love God and Love our neighbor, we must press past our insecurities, seek to discover our hangups in this area with the intent purpose of getting healing. To live outside of community is a kin to living away from God.

Unfortunately the likelihood of someone pushing past all of your reservations and pulling you out are very low. So this is a need you have to carry as a conviction of your heart. Something you have to fight for. You need to be aware of your need so that you won’t turn a deaf ear to the invitations and opportunities that come your way.

Let folks in. No, there not perfect. But you aren’t either; that’s the beauty of  living in relationship with a merciful God. Let folks in. Call up an old friend. Sit down and tell your story to someone. Unless you let folks in, you’ll live alone.


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