This me is under construction

“This is me, this is just the way I am.”  As of recent I have discovered in a real intimate and intricate way “this” is NOT the way I am, or better stated, this is not the way I have to be.

The first thing that happened is that I began to recognize the existence of many annoying internal conversations. Then I began to confront them head on and pray specifically into them. The ones that bothered me most have ceased happening.

At a conference the other week I discovered a pocket of resistance that was lying deep within me. After God led me into an encounter with a stranger who prayed for me, I have let God into that pocket of resistance.

I use to get fatigued in intense spiritual environments. Specifically when I would leave events or places I felt obligated to break the mood and cleanse my pallet by exposing myself to some things less spiritual. Something has changed.

The me that I once thought was me, is not me any longer. The redemption God had begun has not been completed. Actually I think He is probably far from done.

This gives me hope, hope that I am being formed into the likeness of Jesus Christ. Hope that I should not settle into the current level of failure that I live in. Hope that I will accomplish great things with God.


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