for my memory

The following are words from a dear friend to me. I want to remember them and you might be inspired by them.

“During World War II, as Europe teetered upon the brink of complete surrender, Winston Churchill admitted to his wife and confidant, “Sometimes I feel disheartened.”

“Of course you do.” She responded matter of factly. His confidant understood the weight and cost of fighting evil.”

Sometimes you will feel something other than greatly heartened & certain & strong & full of confidence & clarity. Sometimes the road will lead to encounters with muddled and mixed feelings and even moments of self-doubt. These are aspects not of being weak but of being human and having to experience both the emotions and weight that go with pushing against ancient gates & delivering news of freedom & greatness to the captives who are called to come out & walk w/God.
While there will be things to learn which will help you do better at what you do, things that will lend themselves to greater fruitfulness, the thing I wanted you to know this morning is this… I’m so proud of you. Keep stepping up to the plate and swinging hard. Persevere in the push back. Learn. Grow. Keep going.


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