The spirit of Compromise uses seemingly harmless sinful desires and creates a rope to bind you up with. This process is very covert, it almost goes unnoticed to the unaware. It mimics the voice of God, but it looks like a dead cancer victim.

The way you know your bound up by Compromise is that in some of your actions you intentionally omit God’s counsel on the issue. Somewhere deep inside you know that your trying to sneak it past God, but Compromise says “this is just time for you” or “don’t you deserve time just for you”. These of course are lies, but they sound reasonable don’t they? But this apposes the Lordship of Jesus Christ in our lives. And in some ways it creates and inward civil war where part of your inner being agrees with these lies and says that God is not good and that His Lordship can’t be trusted.

Compromise reduces the awareness of the harm those actions have. And after you become bound by compromise a whole pocket of resistance to God is established virtually unnoticed. Scour the landscape of your life; Are there areas that you are being held captive? You surely want free from that bondage don’t you? Don’t you want to do what you choose in Christ? Ask God for forgiveness for not letting Him be Lord over those areas. Repent from your actions. Command compromise to leave your life.

In the future, ask God first before you act. He is a good God, He’s wants the best for you. He won’t keep any good thing from you.


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