thoughts on the narrow path

They say that when a person gets a large sum of money that it changes them. It is for curtain that most people would shift out of one socio-ethnic class and into another. Don’t really know, but I’m guessing this is true. It would seem that for a guy like the inventor of Facebook who invented a computer program in a dorm room and now is a stock holder in a 50 billion plus company this saying is surely true. Weather he likes it or not the same old friends are not the same old friends, things changed.

So too as I’ve sought to draw as near to God as He will let me, things have changed. The same people who use to be close are not. Those who were running with me are no longer there. I get fewer texts these days, and I draw more broken people near.

In regard to what I use to define as friendships, it’s become kinda lonely here; save Jesus and those who run hard too, I am solo. I can see how Jesus didn’t trust men for he knew what was in their hearts, and how he was a man of sorrows.

Yet sorta like one rich in finances, I have found the pearl of great price and will not relent. How could I?



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