cluttered thoughts on Kevin

I saw more of him growing up than any parent or any friend. His voice, demeanor, and large frame are all imprinted on the inside of my brain. Memories on top of memories are overflowing. Was not just a brother, was a friend, a guardian, a hero, a companion. I walk like him, talk like him, move like him… I always wanted to be him.

Now there is a blank space in my heart. A blank space in the earth. A void. A gap. No other person on the planet meant more than this man. None. None could of played the role this person did. None.

He shaped my life, showed me the ropes, protected me, watched after me. He was proud of me; I was proud of him.

I went by Lil’ Goodnight most of my life, ya know. Most of popularity came from him. He was really cool. Not in the trying to be cool way that most do. His whole way was cool and gentle, calm and collected.

Surreal, this moment is. Unthinkable. This is the guy I was planning on growing old with. We’ve played every sport you can imagine, we’ve fought together, did all kinds of wrong together, cried together, lived together.

He carried a silent wisdom about him. He never was fast to talk, he sat back and waited. He was cool, the definition of it for me.


9 thoughts on “cluttered thoughts on Kevin

  1. What a wonderful tribute to the love for your brother. Out of pain comes victory, so maybe there will be brothers at odds out there that will read this and reconcile. God does bring glory and good in all things.

  2. Kevin and I were friends for more than 20 years he was like a brother to me we played ball together laugh and cried together he was a friend u could talk to for anything he was so layed back and calm that sometimes u didnt even know he was there i miss him so much the tears wont stop running down my face he is a friend/brother that u won;t find anymore i love u kevin with all my heart ur Homie for ever and ever

  3. Hi Jason,
    My heart is broken. I could not believe the news from Scott. You have written a most compelling story of Kevin and it is right on. Jason, did Kevin ever accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior? I am praying he did.
    Glad to see you are still walking with the Lord and in the ministry. Sheila and I are active members at Hickory Grove Baptist. We are involved in many areas with missions as my hearts calling.
    I am in prayer for the whole family and if I can be of any help to ya’ll, I am available. 704-537-4366

  4. Hey J,
    You know that I am here for you and your family man. I dont have any brothers but you and Kevin both were like two of the best brothers anyone could ask for. My mom always thought of you two as sons and loves you both. My heart is broken over this and I will never have another friend like Kevin and you. We didnt talk all the time like we used to but it didnt matter , just like it doesn’t matter between you and I all it takes is a phone call and all time apart is erased. I talked to Kevin just week before last and he seemed happy and we joked around like always. I will miss him for the rest of my life and Im blessed to have spent all the time that him and I spent together . Please give your parents a hug for me and let me know what I can do to help with anything. I love you buddy

  5. I have great memories of Kevin. I met him through my best friend Shelby when they dated. Kevin quickly became a huge part of my household on a daily basis. I swear I think he was there more than Shelby and I were. My Mom thought the world of him. He was such a great guy with a very big heart. It’s been years since I’ve seen him but I’ve thought of him often.

    My prayers go out to his family – he will forever be in our hearts.

  6. I’ve only known Kevin for a short time. Todd introduced him to me last summer. We had some really good times together and my heart breaks for all his friends and family. I’m so sorry for your loss…I cna’t really express in words how I feel. I know that he will truly be missed and my prayer is that all who knew him will find comfort. God bless each and everyone of you…my prayers are being lifted up for us all who lost a true friend.

  7. It is still hard to believe what has taken place. Kevin was such a sweet person, he could say so much without uttering a word. I lost touch as we all got older but I have many memories from when we were young. Kevin will be truly missed by everyone that knew him. We all lost a great man and good friend, but we need to keep in mind God has received a new angel. My prayers are with all of you!

  8. Jason,
    Once again you have jerked tears from my ducts. A perfect description of the man I know. I am happy to know he is nestled next to our creator and prince of peace. It is a great relief on my heart to know I will see him again. Knowing this can help turn tears of sorrow into tears of joy. Cannot wait to see you again Kevin Teddy Bear Goodnight. Stuart & Niki Rosen

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