Kevin’s Song

Over the past few days, a few supernatural occurrences have happened to my family and me. God has allowed and facilitated some things that we have needed to hear. Very thankful for those things, I will not share all of them here, but ponder them in my heart.

But, this morning I was sitting in my room reading my Bible when I heard music. It was familiar music to a song that I have never really paid attention to. I have a bad memory, but somehow I knew who the artist was and even the name of the song. My ipod was sitting at arm lengths away, so I found the song and played it. The music (the first 25 seconds) was exactly the way I had just heard it, but the lyrics, they BLEW ME AWAY. The song is from a daughter to her parents, so I believe that these are rightfully to Kevin’s mom and dad. But, I think it’s okay if we take these words as our own as well.

You can’t make this kind of thing up…

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