Was walking around the lake near my house this morning. It’s my usual thing. I typically walk and pray, wrestle and dream my way around it for at least 30 minutes a day. Some days it gets cloudy and starts to drizzle, in the past I’ve rebuked the rain and commanded it to stop raining. Some days it has stopped and other days it hasn’t.

Today, as I walked it looked like it was going to rain. I pondered how much I wanted it not to rain and then pondered how the rain might benefit some farmers or even dampen some of the pollen that I react so badly to. So I prayed, YOUR WILL BE DONE. Not as a “atta boy, go get em’, God.” But as a, “I know you know best, God. So I pray that nothing would get in your way.” After I prayed the sun began to beam through the clouds and I had a great time walking the rest of the way around the lake.

After my walk I went to visit a good friend’s baby in the hospital to pray for her. My friends were great as usual, but my purpose in going to the hospital was not to see my friends, although I loved seeing them, my purpose was to pray for their baby.

So I laid my hand on the baby’s head and began to pray. As I listened to God and prayed for the healing that I thought God was wanting to deliver to this beautiful little child, I found myself praying a form of YOUR WILL BE DONE.

The thing is that at His core God is good. And like Christ when he was in the garden and troubled in heart He prayed “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” When we agree with God’s will we are not just saying, “Go ahead God, be God and stuff.” We are praying that anything that is in the way of the good pleasure of God must go. We are rebuking evil spirits. We are asking for divine authority to be manifested. God’s will is not arbitrary. God’s will is perfect, holy, righteous, good, restorative, redemptive, healing, and hopeful.

God desires to enact His goodness all over the earth. He is waiting for us to trust Him and agree with Him. Let’s, shall we?


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