an environment of faith

And He did not do many miracles there because of their unbelief. ~ Matthew 13:58

If you have spent any time in the Gospels you see this principle many times. Some times Jesus removed the crowds from around a sick person and had only those with strong faith to enter into that room with Him. This concept is biblical, faith and belief comes before miracles.

I was praying for a physical ailment in my body this morning and was reminded of this concept. I realized that I had allowed the pain to distract me from creating an environment of faith. So I began to worship and praise God recognizing that all judgement and authority has been given to the Son, Jesus Christ. Then I began to ask for healing as I had acknowledged Jesus’ dominion in my body, in that room, in the earth, and in the universe.

Since this morning the pain has subsided and I will continue to ask for more healing as I believe that God can in fact heal me completely. Whether I’m healed fully or not, I will not allow a faithless environment to hinder it.


One thought on “an environment of faith

  1. Wow, tnkahs for the mention! Yeah, I did start “The Bibliaholic Blog” way back in 2008 but other things caught up with me and I left it totally forgotten. Until now, that is…partly tnkahs to you And yes, I am the guy behind PPS. The only guy, by the way.

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