the wind and the rain

The latter rains. The ground is thirsty, the seeds have been scattered, all the conditions are ready for the rain… the latter rain. It hit me this morning that with the rains, comes clouds, and winds.

We would like to separate these into separate sections and pretend like the rain could come without the darkness and without the winds of opposition. But they don’t. This is all one package deal that God uses to produce the crop that He desires.

At a friends house the other year he was telling how when he plants seeds in his indoor grow room he has to make sure to put a fan to blow on the small seedlings as they come out of the ground. He told me that the wind helps the plant to grow strong root systems that will keep it alive in the months and years to come.

So too, for us who desire the latter rains in our lives and ministries will need to recognize that winds and clouds are a part of it. God knows what he’s doing. In this case like the athletic context it was pinned in. No pain no gain.

May James 1:2 be real for you as you endure the wind of the God storm He is unleashing on your life.


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