escaping the noise

On several occasions as I’ve walked with God I have gravitated towards certain actions that seem strange and then realize that this is biblical. I guess thats the way God intended this thing to work. He gives us the Spirit and the Spirit teaches us all things.

As of late it’s become more and more difficult for me to listen to the modern brand of preaching and teaching. I really have kinda hated feeling so very uncomfortable and odd in it. Yet, all the while Christ has been revealing more of the simple revelations that pertain to His teachings. Really exciting stuff.

The problem is that as I sit in and soak in the modern brand of interpretation,s I am internally conflicted with what Christ is revealing to me.

Just now, it hit me. John the baptist, Christ, and Paul are just a few of the new testament examples of folks who were pulled out of religious society to gain Godly perspective. The desert fathers, and many other would follow suit as the monastic movement was birthed. A form of this is what I feel God guiding me in to.

I’m not sure what God has in store for my life. But just like you, I know it’s unique and if we leave it in His hands He will do profound things beyond our wildest dreams.


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