Setting the Coordinates

I was in a conversation with a good friend this evening. We’ve had an all day dialog about avoiding distractions and staying focused. But this evening seemed to crescendo when I said, ‘just like a ship leaving from a beach in North Carolina would set it’s coordinates for France and pursue that one goal until it touched ground. So too, for possibly several years of my life, I’m not going to give in to what’s going on around me, what others are saying and doing, but I’m going to believe God for what He wants to do with my life, I’m going to set my coordinates and keep going.’ As I was speaking he grinned as if God were speaking to him. He jumped right in after I spilled my heart and said, ‘And while you may be right off the coast of North Carolina your sights are so set that you even start speaking french. Some people might think you’re crazy, but you’re confident in where God is calling and faith is rising to meet the occasion.’ Amen, Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done!


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