Angry with God?

When I was younger in the Lord I worked for a science museum, it was a great job to interact with a lot of people, I loved it. I remember meeting a volunteer there who was an older man. He was possibly in his mid sixties with a well worn wrinkled face, he was lean with the mentality of a military man and the gentleness of a seasoned Christian. The staff really loved him as he was easy to deal with and accomplished a ton, especially for just a volunteer.

One day God gave me a simple prophetic word for him, seeing that he was seemingly a weathered Christian, I approached him andbegan sharing with him. He responded with words that have echoed through my life ever since. He said “I have enough trouble in my life without God. I don’t need anymore trouble.”  Come to find out my friend was a son of a Baptist minister, and although he had experiences that regenerated certain facets of his personality he was far from walking with God.

I went home that day wondering why in the world God had me walk into that gas filled house with a lit match. Since then He’s done that to me on several occasions, I guess it’s just another facet of not being my own.

It seemed that as God led me to my old friend, my words struck a cord in him. He responded almost violently. And those words have haunted me, as if they were born of evil.

I’ve been reflecting on the state of our country as of late and our brand of Christianity. The gospel that once set folks free and luminated the souls of the broken has now been exchanged for a gospel that’s easier on the carnal pleasures of our vacation-like worlds. We’ve exchanged a gospel that requires one to repent and be born again for an accommodating gooey accessory.

Truth be told the true Gospel of Jesus Christ has never changed. It has always required total commitment. Surrender is not a new or unique idea. It’s the only way to everlasting life. So when a person calls on God, God begins to tare up their old life so that He can establish His life in them. This is for our good, it’s so that we can be free from the ties of satan’s dominion. It isn’t easy or easily distinguishable. It’s a supernatural process that is not up to us. Either we submit to God’s plan and call Him Lord, or we admire Him as God from a far.

In the past I may of not of actually said it, but my choices said it. “I’ve got enough trouble in my life without God.” Jesus said “These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”

God is establishing an eternal companion for Himself and He has invited each of us to take Him up on His offer. We can only receive that invitation here and begin that life now. Be encouraged brother and sister, we are destined for suffering, tribulation, and God’s forging fire in this life. But if we don’t give up in this life, we will experience the joy of the everlasting life that is dwelling in us right now. The times are tough, evil is running rampant. Trust in God He does not fail.

So if your wondering why times have gotten tougher since you called on God, it’s because He loves you and wants you to know freedom, true freedom. The freedom to be solely His.


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