us being right, ever?

When infused with the person of Holy Spirit we become awoken to the weaknesses and failures of everyone around us. A fight to use that info is constantly happening, the evil one loves to come in under the guise of religious and lawful thought turning those perceptions into a very satisfying fuel for why you are more right than all those people. Can anyone relate?

The truth of the Gospel is that no-one has hit the bullseye of rightness and upright morality ever, save One, Jesus Christ. He is the only way to have righteousness and that righteousness is only given to those who admit their own failure, and turn away from those failures. Acknowledging the poorness of our abilities. In response Jesus offers us the abundance of His righteousness that He offers us as a gift. This concept is what makes us have any measure of righteousness, not just on one occasion in a baptist church, but on any occasion, ever.

This gospel is the healing factor for our every moment. It is to be infused in every thought, word, and deed.

And that new discernment that’s fun to bash others with? It is a gift given to us as a result of Holy Spirit living inside out bodies. It is to be used to access God and to pray that The Gracious Healer would work in the areas of our friends lives God is revealing to us. Praying that, by the blood of Jesus, a miracle would take place, that God would impart His rightness to that area.

Holy Spirit is working within those who have accepted Christ to bring every person into purity, none have accomplished %100 purity especially not me. And if we get any nearer to %100 it will only be because we are gaining more revelation of how powerful and effective the cross of Christ was.

The gospel stands above every other teaching, and every other teaching must find itself interpreted in light of the true gospel that rightly bestows all glory, honor, and praise unto Jesus Christ. For that is what those in heaven are viscerally proclaiming right now… can you hear it. It is good news indeed.


One thought on “us being right, ever?

  1. Indeed! Helpful post. Thanks. I elpceialsy liked “a bigger view of Kingdom living.” Seems like there are even more both/and’s around if we look carefully.

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