giving to this ministry?

I’ve found it to be a necessity to remove money and the plea for donations from being associated with my ministry.

For one, many ministries are in ministry for the money and have given ministry a bad name because of the association with money.  I have to be honest, it gives me a bitter taste in my mouth anytime I see the two together, and I have taken the route that if I am doing what God has called me to do, then He will make sure that I am provided for. And God has proven Himself to be faithful in this to me and my family. We have not been in need of anything, often times He has provided in ways and from sources that can only be explained as a miracle. I love that about the way God works in my life. There is a freedom that comes with trusting the creator and sustainer of all things, there’s nothing like it.

As it stands the only way I have found peace with myself in doing ministry is to give freely as I have been given. I don’t charge for anything and I don’t plan on it, it’s a rarity that I even mention my need at all (some would say to my own failure, but they don’t have to live with my conscience).

As it stands I lead a couple weekly and biweekly meetings, I’m writing a book,  I’m mentoring and counseling, and I’m living constantly “clocked in” to the needs of others. Study, prayer, and conversations with those that surround me is the life I find myself in. The best way to describe my life is that instead of trying to gain and achieve in life, I live to give it all away. Some call it downward mobility, others may call it insanity.

Nonetheless here I am. In the coming months I’m going to take on a part time job to help pay the bills and help pay for the expense of doing ministry. And I was wondering if you would like to help me pay for some of the expenses I need to give myself away. If you would like to donate just once or become a monthly donor I welcome that.

Until Formation receives it’s non-profit status, the best way to give is to send checks to Jason Goodnight at 157 Water Oak Drive Pineville NC 28134, you can put For Local Missions in the subject line. If you decide to become a monthly donor you will receive frequent ministry updates with details of all the excitement and a few testimonies.

Thanks for your consideration, and may the Peace of Christ guard your hearts and minds.


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