Gospel of Love 2 of 21

I feel like I should mention here that it is very possible to take one of the many verses we have already covered and write books about those single verses. Writing one page devotions on chapters are pretty broad strokes. So, as you read in your personal time and are thinking about the verses from these chapters I’m sure God is talking to you about many other topics. Don’t let my words triumph what God is saying to you. I’m just commenting. I hope and pray you are inspired by this process. 

John 2 <—– Link here

John chapter 2 documents Jesus’ first miracle, providing the wine for the wedding party. Turning the water into wine. The interesting part is that the 6 – 30 gallon water pots that were used to change the water into wine were for ritual bathing. The kind of ritual bathing that was going on in that time was not a biblical concept, it was something the religious folks started doing on their on and even in other places of scripture started judging Jesus for not doing. Jesus turned the needless religious devices into extra wine for the party. 

The second part of John 2, Jesus goes into the temple and scatters the salesman with a leather whip. It should be noted that someone had to sell the sacrificial animals for the people to use, but setting up shop in the temple ruined the purity of the temple and made the beautiful order of God a business, where folks sins became a monetary profit to them. 

The last few passages of John 2 Jesus speaks of His body being the temple of God and that He did not intrust Himself to men. (Much more could be said about these passages)

When you began to call on God, even at your most earliest age, you made a choice to separate yourself for God. Then and there you began to have a feelings like “I just can’t do that one thing anymore” or “I don’t feel comfortable hanging out with those old friends”. In essence you woke up your conscience unto God, where He could help guide you away from danger and heartache and He could guide you to Himself.

So you began to follow God, to the best of your ability, and you found a religious organization, a church. And at some point, if not the first day, someone did something you didn’t agree with. Or for a long time you found great comfort among the people until something happened, the pastor sinned, or someone sat in your chair, or the elders got rid of the pastor you liked, or…(you know)

Jesus stepped into the religion of His day and found facets of it repulsive. It was not like heaven where there was perfect peace and right order. Even among His disciples there was a betrayer (Judas), a doubter (Thomas), and a denier (Peter). Jesus didn’t feel torn about going to the cross to redeeming mankind, He knew we were messed up and needed some serious help.

Often times Jesus told his closest friends, “wait here, I gotta go be with the Father”. And He climbed up a mountain and spent time alone in prayer to God.

It’s my firm belief that when we first began to call on God we made a shift back to unity with God that He had been longing for. And since we made that move, He has been trying to draw us into close proximity to Him. He even goes to the extreme of making many other former pleasures uncomfortable, so that we might come back to that place of peace in His presence. I’ve even heard of heroin addicts being unable to get high after they had surrendered to God.

Having friends and family in the faith is a good thing, having a place to call church is a good thing as well, but now that you are in Christ you have been ruined unto God and God knows it’s the best thing for you.

So let’s embrace relationship with God today. Let’s not place heavy expectations on our spouses and loved ones, or even place high standards on ourselves. Let’s go to our Father who loves us better than anyone else can and let’s let Him comfort us and tell us who we are.

May you find great peace today as you simply embrace relationship with God.


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