Gospel of Love 4 of 21

This chapter is long and has some wonderful concepts and perspectives to be gained from it. I pray that as you read it God will begin to work in your life in several areas.

The first major section of this passage is Jesus encountering the woman at the well. There are a few things that are important to mention here- the woman he is talking with has had 5 husbands, a measure that would be shocking even in our day. Yet Jesus speaks some of the most profound words to her and she becomes one of the most effective evangelist of the Gospels. Also it should be noted that this woman was a Samaritan- these were jews (the chosen people) who intermarried with the Babylonians (the former captors of the Jews).

The second part of the passage has a high class royal official coming to Jesus to ask for the healing of his son. Although not one of the 12 disciples evidently the fame of Jesus spread even to the highest ranks of leadership among the roman captors of Israel at the time. Jesus healed the boy without even going to the house where the boy was. This should inform our perspective of formulas for God’s ability to heal- in that Jesus never used a formula, He simply believed God. 

John 4 <—-Link Here

Do you know “that Christian” that you use to work with or that lives next door that walks around being all weirdly Christian acting like their poop doesn’t stink? They may consistently ask whether or not you went to church on Sunday, or consistently invite you to church. They are always “blessed” and or strangely happy. You have never seen them confess sins or show any weakness. And you wonder weather or not they are on some medication to help with the anxiety in their lives.

Yeah, those folks… (biting my tongue not to say more about that, like home schooled/Christian schooled kids…)

As we read this chapter, I am hit with just how profound it is that God has chosen us to have free access to God. It is nothing to take for granted to show off in front of others. Ephesians 2 says, “it is by grace that you have been saved, not by works less any man should boast.” No body has been given a gospel that they have earned or that they themselves control. It was and is a free gift of God.

This is why we can never act like we’ve earned it and never ever ever ever hold it over others as if we were better than others. If someone acts “ungodly” then they need the Gospel of Jesus to renovate their lives so they can act “godly” like us. Or they need someone like us to embody it well enough that they might be able to receive it. We were given salvation so that those in our lives might have the opportunity to have it too. It’s not about us settling down and getting “what we deserve”. What we deserve is hell, hell here in our sins and troubles, and hell when we die; but Jesus has intervened and given us life here and life forever more.

May we not take the Gospel for granted- may we reach God while He may be found. May our time alone be permeated with intimacy with God and not distracted by anything else. And for God’s sake, may we share the truth that has set us free with anyone and everyone that God puts in our path, even the samaritan woman with 5 different husbands or the oppressor who needs a miracle. We are a gifted people.


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