Gospel of Love 11 of 21

In this chapter of John we witness one of the oddest and most profound stories in the New Testament- the story of Lazarus. Lazarus and his two sisters, Mary and Martha were dear friends of Jesus. Oddly, when Jesus first heard that Lazarus was sick Jesus did not come to heal him. Jesus waited until Lazarus was dead for four days before He came and raised him from the dead. Making Lazarus a mighty witness of the power of Jesus. 

John 11 <— Link Here

God the Father is the ultimate example of a father. His parenting is perfect and it has perfect results, even when the children are flawed, insufficient, and impatient.

One of God’s sons, the Apostle Paul, was a mighty man used like no other. He was troubled by “a thorn in the flesh” that Paul begged God to remove. God did not remove the thorn, but told Paul that the grace God would give him would be made perfect in Paul’s infirmity.

James and John wanted to be the ones to sit on the right and left of Christ when He ruled and reigned. Jesus denied them this request, as this was a decision was left solely up to the Father.

As we read John chapter 11 we witness Lazarus getting sick and instead of doing what we would expect Jesus to do, Lazarus dies. And then rots in the grave as his siblings morn…

God does not have to submit to anyone. And since He is absolutely perfect in every way, we should be glad that He doesn’t. We don’t always understand why He does what He does, but we HAVE to trust that it is for our good.

Becoming cooperative children to this wise and all-knowing God is a major step in reaching maturity in our faith. Praying for healing of those around us and not being disappointed when God chooses to let the sickness progress. We must allow God to act as He pleases and submit to His Lordship. I believe He welcomes our questions as to why He acts the way He acts, but we do not deserve an explanation. There is peace and wisdom to be had in this.

Lord, truly teach us to pray “Your Kingdom come Your will be done.”


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