His voice

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. -Matthew 10:27

I’m a pastor. I love to share the things of God. I love to tell others what I believe God is saying to them. And you’re reading this so I guess you’re okay with pastor’s like me doing this kind of thing.

But what a pastor says, regardless of how supernatural it is, should never be a comfortable substitute for what God is saying to you. The new testament, which is a big deal- considering God Himself spilled His own blood to make it, is about God having full access to us.

I love to hear what pastors and elders have to say to me, but God Himself will always reserve within Himself wisdom and guidance that is lightyears more helpful to me than the most powerful sermon ever spoken.

So how do we respond to this issue? (I include myself as one who likes the easy way out of generic good teaching over intimate guidance from God)

One idea is that we choose to stop all of our busy-ness and seek to draw near to God. We lay down our buzzing minds with all of our commentaries and theology books and we wait. We wait on the voice of our Master. If need be, we push food away and wait some more. Trust me it is worth the wait, because one word from His mouth is more precious that a billion from a pastor like me.

Got any other ideas?


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