I met with a friend who needed refueling today. As we met and chatted about God and ministry and life you’d be tempted to believe that the words were the fueling. Or maybe the fueling was in the prayers and the encouragement?

But I’m confident that the fueling happened in the love that was shared in the undercurrent of the conversation. The stuff that was going on in the unseen, to be exact. Yep, my friend was fueled right before my eyes, like a balloon being blown up. And so was I.

How does that happen, you might be asking yourself, considering that you might need to be refueled as well? It started with our acknowledgment that we were running out of fuel. The awareness and acknowledgement that we were needy and poor in spirit, which is God’s love language, by the way. So God chose to refuel us both through one another, by our weakness. I don’t how it works, but it does. And I’m thankful.


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