a letter to you

Dear Friend,

It’s come to my attention today that things have not been working out for you. You planned on things happening a certain way. That you would be doing something different  by now. That the situation you’re in would of changed by now. And it seems to be that the demands you’ve made on God have not come through. It’s as if He is silent concerning your prayers.

I want to assure you God is not deaf. He does hear your prayers. But He is not doing what you want of Him because He is working on something much more important than the situation you’re worried about. He is working on eliminating your “worrier”. See- you are so very anxious and troubled by your situation, so God is attempting to break that off of you. And often times it’s when more troubles and issues come into our lives that we become more willing to find our comfort in the Source of all comfort, Our Father in Heaven. This is where God is drawing you towards. Because He knows that if He eliminates your source of stress you will just keep on walking somewhat calmly through this life not fully given over to God nor fully given over to the world. He knows how hard that is on your soul. And He doesn’t want that for you.

“God disciplines those who He loves. (Hebrews 12:6)” And believe you me, He loves you. Turn over your burdens and worries to God. And sooner or later He will train you to be able to face even the most ridiculously tough situations with a grin, because the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe is your friend.

Your situation might change or it might not. But God has died to redeem us in the midst of these situations. To be over-comers in the toughest situations.

Praying for you today,



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