My daughter Acadia gets grumpy when she’s hungry. For sometimes long periods of time you can place a pacifier in her mouth and she’ll suck on that thing like a machine…. but when she’s really hungry she’ll realize that no nourishment is coming and she spits that thing out and starts crying like there’s no tomorrow.

I realized that I do the same thing in regard to my connection to God. Often times I wake up and put some kind of pacifier in my mouth. Sometimes I suck on it for long periods of time. It could be some form of entertainment that I get occupied engaging in. Or it could be a person that I’m spending time with. You name it. But until I get connected to the “breast of God” and begin saturating His life I am malnourished and grumpy.

We as human beings are born needing the nourishment of God. There is no substitute for Him in our lives, only pacifiers.


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