Preparing the Ground

After five years of being away I’ve recently returned to a company I use to work for. With a ton of stories to tell and with a few new faces to build new relationships with I’ve been so very thankful to be back working in a place where I feel so very loved and respected.

The other day I was talking with a new friend in one of the back areas of my workplace. With the proper level of discernment and tact I brought up The Faith in the midst of our conversation. Surprisingly there was a great amount of grace for that type of conversation. In the past there has always been a battle to establish the that kind of spiritual freedom in the unseen. Sometimes it’s taken months to push back the enemy’s stronghold before I receive the freedom to represent Christ fully in the midst of the people in a place. But, surprisingly I already had the freedom to be me in the midst of this place. As I walked away from that conversation I started talking with God about it. Saying, “Man, there must be some Christians around here plowing the ground and making room for Jesus.” As soon as I started in on this conversation with God I felt Him say, “This is what you’ve done when you were here before.” My hair was standing on end when I received this word. And I’ve been reeling at the profundity of it.

I know that what is done in the Spirit has an eternal effect. And I know how God is looking for people to parter with Him. But somehow this situation has baffled me. Especially as I think about the years I’ve been mostly out of relationship with the people I use to work with there and I hadn’t even met many of the newer employees. And yet somehow God had been working freely in the midst of these folks while I was away because of the plowing I had done earlier. Wow. God is amazing. Hope this encourages you where you are.


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