By Bill Ebert

So these words speak to you, but the big question must remain…
Where Do We Go From Here?

Three Things
The Lord spoke to me as I was seeking Him for direction for my life. He spoke to me three days in a row and said the exact same three things. He told me if I were to be “employed” by Him I was to commit to the three things as if it were my very life’s purpose; learning and mastering these as a foundation for my life.

1.Continual Repentance – Not a perfect life but one continually humbled by our weakness and His greatness. Living in such a place of lowliness, teachability and humility that even the slightest misstep is met with a renewed surrender to His voice and will. Walking carefully to never quench His Spirit.
2.Diligent in Prayer – Make abiding and deep prayer a number one priority; praying about every decision, leaning into His voice and direction for each step of life. Be trained in the school of His presence to grow up into perfect hearing and perfect obedience.
3.Obedience Unto Death – Resolve to obey, serve, give at all cost and at no regard for myself but only for the King.

My first response was that these steps were a bit radical but after a few days of meditation on them, I realized they really are what we say “yes” to if we came into His kingdom correctly.

“Forsake not the assembly of yourselves….” In this current season, it is easier said than done; as by Biblical standards, it is really hard if not impossible to find those who are truly assembling and seeking.

If you will seek God as described in this book you may find yourself alone. You may even find yourself rejected and persecuted trying to tell others of the Glorious life. Start by becoming the message and God will direct you to fellowship. Many times your life will begin a chain reaction in others and you will be the leader of this new and living way.

The new awakening we are all waiting for begins with those who will die to see it. Be one of those – don’t just read this book – but become the message, pray, die to yourself.

I am hoping for the day when this book and this kind of book is not needed and the revelations coming from the average believer is so fresh and alive, no man will need to tell of such stories but rather believers will be living epistles for all men to see what Jesus died for.

Please join us as we press to find Him. Don’t let this just be another book; Let it be the beginning of such a radical walk with God that you and those whom know you will never be the same.

We have moved into an age of great hardship for the earth. She is quaking and groaning, the Kingdoms of the earth are being shaken and we are possibly on the verge of global shifts like this earth has never seen.

In the midst of these earth shiftings are coming shifts to the Body of Christ, His people who are called by His name are about to make major changes in their understanding and walk, the final harvest has begun and the manifestation of the Sons of God are eminent.

In all of this shifting and realigning, a very important thing we are going to come to understand is the revelation of the Father’s heart. The fathers will turn to their children and the children will turn back to their fathers.

We will no longer be about our buildings and programs as the true Apostolic leader of God’s people will be fathering, mentoring and releasing – not correcting, changing or controlling. The change in this one area alone will bring such life to our churches and gatherings that it will transform the face of Christianity.

Moses led a mass of humanity to free places – not to wander free in dry places – but to first meet with the God of freedom.

The children of Israel were met at a mountain of fire and death by the One who would consume flesh and raise up new life; but they would not come, rather settled for dry and free. “Let Moses speak to God and let Moses speak to us for we are afraid.” Free they were, and yet slaves to fear, delivered not to wander but to enter.

A land flowing, a promise given, a dream cast with blood, and flies, and frogs, and death cast in the sand and made real forever by the deaths of their captors.

Yet they all died, never receiving the promise.
Wandering ignorant slaves like lemmings to their deaths; the carcasses an embarrassment to a nation and a lesson to us. For are we not like them? Given a promise of flowing life and settling for wandering, dusty, freedom?
Are we brave enough to even ask these questions?

Is this American Christian life okay or enough? Is going to church and being free from the world’s death party all we really need? Is it being good employees, nice people, ever-learning about the Book? Are we bordering in suffering death, teetering between fear and salvation? Is the promise so great and the price paid so high that we are on the verge of wrath?

“Well, everyone else is going this way….”

I believe that we are living on past revelations, at best, in almost 100% of American churches. We play church, going through the motions, while the call is still “Come up and die and live. Meet God in His fiery mountain, be known by Him and know Him; walk not like church people, but God people”.

The Other Side
We have read and heard of men and women who have been “to the other side” seen the Promised Land, walked as grasshoppers in the land of giants and come back with revelations the size of watermelons. Wade Taylor, Reese Howell, Marie Woodsworth, Edder, Smith Wigglesworth to name a few who came back to tell us “Come over, there is a place for you.”

The God who forced deliverance upon our wilderness wanderers never forced them into the promise. He offered it to them and let them die in rebuke for not entering.

Therefore, since a promise remains of entering His rest, let us fear lest any of you seem to have come short of it. For indeed the gospel was preached to us as well as to them; but the word which they heard did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in those who heard it. For we who have believed do enter that rest, as He has said: “So I swore in My wrath, ‘They shall not enter My rest,’ ” although the works were finished from the foundation of the world. Hebrews 4:1-3

It’s interesting how we will pay $40 to stand in line for hours just for the opportunity to ride an amusement park ride that lasts for 2 minutes, but we won’t spend the same amount of time to find the Creator of all things?

Let us determine to put away our flesh and our desires and begin to DO what we were created for. There is so much waiting for those who will seek Him.

See you on the other side,
-Bill Ebert


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