the author is…

Jason D. Goodnight

An Urban Missionary to the people in the Charlotte N.C.  Husband to Theresa, Daddy to Acadia. A child of God by the blood of Jesus Christ.  Author of Unveiled: Moving from Knowledge of God to Knowing God.

Dear reader:

“God does much with little, most with least, and everything with nothing.” It is my hearts desire to be a vessel used by God. If you are inspired by the content of this blog it is because of God’s grace…  If you find fault, I am in process and need your prayers. This is what you should know about me. I want you to see Jesus and forget me (Isaiah 42:8).

So I pray that you will have a fresh perspective by reading this Blog, that you will be caught up in the awe and wonder of God. That you would glean from the fruit of my contemplation I leave it for you.

7 thoughts on “the author is…

  1. Awesome statements about your true heart! I stand in support and desire the same, my Brother!
    May the Blessings of Elohim be upon you and may Adonai draw you close as you press in to Him!

    I join you on Monday evenings with the other Warriors to lift our voices in praise and worship! Hope to see you there and place the name with the face!

    BTW – He says we will become “peculiar” to those around us. What a wonderful “odd” it is! Bless you My Brother!

  2. When I first came to Christ I developed a habit during my prayer times to take a blanket and cover my prostrate body. Kind of like a huge prayer shawl. I would cover myself with the blanket and cry my eyes out as the Lord healed and changed every thing about me. It has been like my cacoon that the Lord has used to develop me.
    This morning as a lay calling out to the Lord and just being ministered to by Him I remembered that not too long ago my life was upside down. I did’nt have a job, I had doctor bills stacked to the ceiling, I didn’t have a true friend in the world, and I did’nt have purpose.
    But now as I contunue to go to the Lord in solumn prayer I remove the dark blanket from my head and look around at the house he has provided, I await for my wife to awake from slumber, I pray for the congregation the Lord has called me to and just praise God. He has done so much with me.
    I was a drug dealing, pistol packing, intoxicated loser, and he has made me a prince.
    Today I reflect upon the verse that states “seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you”.
    He is a creater and a recreater. He is merciful and He is mighty.

  3. Jason, what a great service in honor of Kevin. You did a wonderful job and so did the other Pastor, in glorifying the Lord. Amy’s song was perfect. Been thinking bout Kevin a lot, all the good times and wishing I could have been closer to him in recent years. I am so happy that I will see him again. Praising God for His promises of eternal life through Jesus Christ and that we will someday soon all be gathered together in total worship of Him forever.
    Love you brother!!

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