Don’t Even Look to the Right or Left: a response to a political e-mail I received

About two weeks ago, I had just come from a prayer meeting that was rich with the presence of God, when I stopped by a coffee shop next to the comic book store on 7th street. When I got there I walked straight to the bathroom, while I was washing my hands a gentleman banged on the doorContinue reading “Don’t Even Look to the Right or Left: a response to a political e-mail I received”

My Heart is Like a Comb Over

Well, I began my graduate level theological studies and immediately I was bombarded with the spirit of pride. Now as I have fought off that beast, for the mean time, I find myself frustrated with many strange and beautiful perspectives that challenge me and some perspectives that just flat out frustrate me. This morning in my intimateContinue reading “My Heart is Like a Comb Over”

Concealing Our Identities as Disciples

Many months back I wrote a number of blog entries with the theme of the Martyr. As I continue to run this race the cross is always at the center of my life. Sometimes it is a comfort representing my forgiveness through Christ and other times it is the torture device that I must embraceContinue reading “Concealing Our Identities as Disciples”

Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done…

My friend Erin has been visiting her grandmother a lot recently in the nursing home. Her Grandmother had sold her house and was now fighting depression and having trouble finding any joy in her newly acquired nursing home. She complained about everything and blamed everybody. Until something miraculous happened, she came to terms with her ownContinue reading “Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done…”

Invalids? Not in Christ’s Eyes.

“You know that the rulers of the gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave—, just as the son of man did not come to beContinue reading “Invalids? Not in Christ’s Eyes.”

Silence Has No Language Barrier

Recently I have been struggling with pride before man and God. The scriptures say that the Lord resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. So especially leading in leading others He began to remove some of the grace that I had begun to think was my own. It’s amazing that God desires toContinue reading “Silence Has No Language Barrier”