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Divine Debate

Who do you say that I am?

Which one of you if your sheep fall in a ditch on a Sabbath would pull it out?

Why are you persecuting me?

Can these bones live?

Who will go for us?

(Luke 9:20; Matt 12:11; Acts 9:4; Ezek 37:3; Isa 6:8)

Here are a few questions that God asks various people as documented in scripture. There are many other places in scripture where this occurs, these are just the few that came to mind when considering this topic.

God wants us to engage Him in conversation; He’s not looking for answers.

Nor does He let Himself become simply answers to questions. That would be too easy. In fact He resists being put in any box and held captive by anyone.

As much as God does speak to us to guide us away from harm, a good portion of the scriptures are very instructional. He most often asks questions that will prompt thought and further conversation with Him.

Do you know how a good question can grab your attention and draw you into further conversations, sharing hidden parts of your life, deepening friendship? This is what God desires with us. The questions and answers are means to an end, not an end result.

In Jewish culture, historically and unto today, men debate and converse about their interpretation of scripture and their interpretation of God. Rabbis ask questions to their disciples and the disciples in turn ask the Rabbi questions. Each question building upon the previous revealing the knowledge gained about the topic and delving more deeply into the topic. For example, “Were the 10 commandments originally written by God or by Moses?” With a response of “According to scripture, the Word has always been. Who wrote those words if they have always been?” Questions are answered with other questions that probe the abyss of truth and of God.

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Where ever we’ve been.
Whatever sins we’ve committed,
however dirty and ashamed we’ve become
He still knows us and desires to be with us.

We must simply turn to Him.

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It is purely through grace that God reveals Himself to us

But on occasion we forget that

And we begin to think of ourselves higher than we ought

while making Him lower

We judge and assess God based on how He responds to our demands and prayers

This is not right

God does not owe us anything

He acts and reacts based upon a wisdom that we can not even begin to grasp

For He is Holy, Perfect

We must understand that He is good, and we must trust that He is orchestrating a masterpiece with all of what we know, dream, and imagine

He invites us to be friends… but we must never underestimate the expense that He has paid for us to take a seat with Him

It is our place to be humble and receptive of all that He is

This is the highest place in this life.


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Interviewing an Alien

imagesHere is an interview with Francis Chan, a recovering Mega-church pastor who began to reject his own fame to follow the Spirit of God. The interviewers seem to be simply confused by him and attempt to pick his brain… attempt to poke fun at him.

It’s clear that he has no idea what he’s getting himself into.  Love this. It’s the tension that comes with following Jesus. We. are. aliens.

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From Compartment to Fulfillment (Updated*)

One of the more difficult facets about coming out of an organized and human sustained church environment is transitioning into a life more dependent baggageon relationship with God and with the organic group of people that God has strategically placed us in.

When I received the revelation that God was calling me out of the traditional prescribed organization and into a spiritual family, I was a little shocked and heart broken. I had placed all my focus on living a certain way and working towards goals that, with a simple revelation from the Lord, changed instantly. I felt gypped. I came to the hard realization that I had wasted years of my life. The group that I had given blood, sweat, and tears for fundamentally disowned me and seemingly forgot about me. I found out that when relationships are built on common vision and doctrines instead of God’s relational bond they cannot and will not last (pain and hardship often accompany these). As much as I would want to make these relationships work, they would not. They were not being held together by God’s grace.

I’ve learned through this heartache that God is most concerned with the task of building a Kingdom, not making us “happy” socially. When I stepped far enough away I realized that there was a strong “in or out” mentality, one that was cultish in nature and one that worked against the heart of the Great Commission, the kind of Love that God had been attempting to develop in my heart.  Despite my best of efforts during my time in traditional American Christianity, everything seemed to work in opposition to the gentle guidance of the Spirit. It is as if something was wrong… and it was.

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By Bill Ebert

So these words speak to you, but the big question must remain…
Where Do We Go From Here?

Three Things
The Lord spoke to me as I was seeking Him for direction for my life. He spoke to me three days in a row and said the exact same three things. He told me if I were to be “employed” by Him I was to commit to the three things as if it were my very life’s purpose; learning and mastering these as a foundation for my life.

1.Continual Repentance – Not a perfect life but one continually humbled by our weakness and His greatness. Living in such a place of lowliness, teachability and humility that even the slightest misstep is met with a renewed surrender to His voice and will. Walking carefully to never quench His Spirit.
2.Diligent in Prayer – Make abiding and deep prayer a number one priority; praying about every decision, leaning into His voice and direction for each step of life. Be trained in the school of His presence to grow up into perfect hearing and perfect obedience.
3.Obedience Unto Death – Resolve to obey, serve, give at all cost and at no regard for myself but only for the King.

My first response was that these steps were a bit radical but after a few days of meditation on them, I realized they really are what we say “yes” to if we came into His kingdom correctly.

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The Sweet Spot

“It happens all too often that the beautiful truths of the scripture get turned into rules and regulations that hinder us from true freedom. Well versed in scripture and religion, the adversary has used these things to turn us from the kind and lowly Jesus.”- page 21 of Unveiled

Christ came to bring us relationship with God the Father. The devil does all he can to thwart that, because in it lies the power. The relationship with God is the sweet spot, it’s the target. Everything else is just decoration and minor details.

sweet spot