Interviewing an Alien

Here is an interview with Francis Chan, a recovering Mega-church pastor who began to reject his own fame to follow the Spirit of God. The interviewers seem to be simply confused by him and attempt to pick his brain… attempt to poke fun at him. It’s clear that he has no idea what he’s getting himself into.  LoveContinue reading “Interviewing an Alien”


From Compartment to Fulfillment (Updated*)

One of the more difficult facets about coming out of an organized and human sustained church environment is transitioning into a life more dependent on relationship with God and with the organic group of people that God has strategically placed us in. When I received the revelation that God was calling me out of the traditional prescribedContinue reading “From Compartment to Fulfillment (Updated*)”

The Call of the Hour By John Mulinde

The Need The nation of America is presently in a state of spiritual confusion. Many of its people are nominally Christian; others are openly atheist or are involved in false religions or cults. The worship of mysterious spiritual deities and human heroes is commonly accepted, and the spirit of sensuality has a strong influence onContinue reading “The Call of the Hour By John Mulinde”