get rich!?

Let the brother who is low rejoice in his exaltation, and the rich in his becoming low, because as a flower of grass he shall pass away; for the sun did rise with the burning heat, and did wither the grass, and the flower of it fell, and the grace of its appearance did perish, so alsoContinue reading “get rich!?”


Gospel of Love 12 of 21

This passage contains the infamous dinner at the newly resurrected Lazarus’ house where Lazarus’s sister anoints Jesus’ feet with very expensive Spikenard. Judas sees the “waste” of such an expensive product and complains, mostly because he loves money.  Then the scene shifts as Jesus decides to go into Jerusalem for Passover. It was already wellContinue reading “Gospel of Love 12 of 21”

Gospel of Love 10 of 21

In this passage Jesus depicts Himself as the Good Shepard, a term and a reference that would carry such significance that we are still unpacking it today finding great insight and beauty in it. As He reveals some of the dynamics of Himself He is challenged by His opposition, a trend that seems to beContinue reading “Gospel of Love 10 of 21”