This song helped me move through some of the darkest nights of my life. The artist just released a video for the song… check it out.


The Depths


The place of prayer is likened to the wardrobe in The Chronicles of Narnia… many open the door on occasion… but few explore the world of the Heavens that’s waiting to be explored. The Way has been made, the King and the adventure is waiting.


Are you willing to do what it takes to come into the fullness?

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Twinkies, St. Francis, and Hippies.

This week is the beginning of a sad dawn for America. The death of the Twinkie. (Clinched fist raised in the air, Twinkie in the other hand, gangster tear running down my cheek.) Nah, just kidding. I haven’t bought a Twinkie in years and my understanding of food now has superseded my ability to enjoy a Twinkie. It would be more nutritious to swallow a spoon full of sugar and eat a cardboard box.

The thing is, I’ve been thinking about many things lately that relate to what I’ve just shared- In the midst of our great progression in this modern age, will wisdom ever “yo-yo” us back?

I met someone famous yesterday, Aswan North, the lead singer of one of my favorite rock bands. He is a cool dude, with an awesome story, and a gentle spirit. After I met him I almost immediately began an inner dialogue about fame, popularity, and riches. It wasn’t a pleasant dialogue. I’ve had this dialogue plenty of times. It’s what the world offers to us to chase after. It’s what many people chase after day in and day out. And it’s deeply affecting the christian religious world.

These goals are so very alluring and yet wisdom, in the form of the New Testament, tells us that they are harmful.

On a very practical level, I’ve been struggling with my usage of social media on my computer. It’s the way that I stay in touch with family and friends. It’s the way I “minister” to others. It’s also what keeps me distracted from getting much accomplished in the non-digital world. I’m a really clever and beloved guy in the digital world, I’m actually kind of popular… but at what expense? Continue reading “Twinkies, St. Francis, and Hippies.”


Every Act Matters.

After noticing an injustice that she knew very well, one day a lady decided to take a stand. In a single moment, she made a decision.  When asked to get up out of her seat so that someone percieved as more important could sit, she refused. Like dominoes the whole world changed as a result, and is continuing to change. One single act of defiance against evil.

Our stands of righteousness might not seem to measure up with hers, in regard to our fame and the effects that we see, it may seem kinda extreme… but in the spiritual realm, it may be even more impactful. And who knows when the levys will break again in the natural. By the way, I was refering to Rosa Parks.


Things you’ll never hear

How much I miss you and the ache I feel,

things you’ll never hear.

How your neice looks just like you and has your smile,

things you’ll never hear.

How I see you in my shadow and in your daddy dear,

things you’ll never hear.

The gaps of so many that will never be filled,

things you’ll never hear.

How I feel so lost without you and it hurts beyond my tears,

things you’ll never hear.

How your parents still call me by your name and are broken beyond repair,

things you’ll never hear.

How I wish I could see you again and share these bitter tears,

things you’ll never hear.

The way I see you bleeding through every image of myself,

things you’ll never hear.


When I still myself there’s a growning there to see you once again.

I don’t know who you really were, the memories are becoming unclear.

I try and be thankful for the time we had, but honesty I feel it’s unfair.

Why do I have to carry this burden alone, the one we once shared.

Your silence has gone on too long now, and the vacuum has not made it clear,

this ache of mine is constant now and stares at me in the mirror.