Parting Words for Co-workers

Friends, Woke up this morning and emotions flooded my mind. I began to think about what I value and what I will miss most about _______… I figured out that I won’t necessarily miss ______ the corporation (although it is by far the best company I’ve worked for), I really won’t miss the kind ofContinue reading “Parting Words for Co-workers”

My Eyes are on You Lord

This frightened me when I saw it on top of the ladder at my day job.  Seen it a few times in the past few years at work. But today it had the prophetic edge that shook me up. Over lunch today I met with a local Pastor who I feel a new call to lend my services to.Continue reading “My Eyes are on You Lord”

PJs, Java, and the Scriptures…

. Hello out there… if there is anyone who may follow my blog you will see that I have changed the look once again. Sorry, if that troubles you, I just can’t find a format that I really like. I’ve considered changing to another blogsite, but hey I don’t want to lose your attention. Just finished the majorContinue reading “PJs, Java, and the Scriptures…”

Revealing the Cards I Have Been Holding

  I am beginning to see that the Lord has been protecting me from a lot. Kind of like a kid who has mastered the kiddy pool and didn’t realize that there was an Olympic sized right next to it. Had a dream the other week that some folks wanted me to share on here so IContinue reading “Revealing the Cards I Have Been Holding”

“Praise the Lord the People of God Do Pray.”

Left a wonderful meeting this afternoon when I stopped at a red light near Hawthorne’s Pizza. Two guys were sitting around a table outside with their heads bowed. I turned down my music in my car and watched. As I looked intently at their time of prayer before their Father God I noticed that theyContinue reading ““Praise the Lord the People of God Do Pray.””