Rejecting God’s Kingdom for My Own

A 5 year old boy was walking through the store the other day, he had a Panthers baseball hat on and had a handful of Power Rangers toys and his Mom was pushing a buggy full of many other toys too numerous to count, and it was just a spectacle to me. You see if you read myContinue reading “Rejecting God’s Kingdom for My Own”

Protestants Vs. Catholics… Round 1

Thursday was just a typical day, until I got a call from a friend of mine named Markie. As we began to discuss the Lord and all that He has been teaching us, Markie stopped and asked me if something was burdening me. At that point, I had not even recognized that I had been carrying a burden;Continue reading “Protestants Vs. Catholics… Round 1”

Self Reflection (AKA Post Sunday Morning Funk) Part 1

What is motivating you to live for tomorrow?    No, really.      Today I have come to the sobering realization that my motives for life are not pure ones. I would like to honestly say that I live for the glory of God. But something inside me feels convicted when I say that. Today after a mild disappointmentContinue reading “Self Reflection (AKA Post Sunday Morning Funk) Part 1”