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Present and Presence

It seems that us church folks love to focus on the past and on the future of God’s history, while neglecting the present. We study the history of God, what He has done and how He has done it… i.e. creation, covenant, laws, relationships with men and women, ext…

And we study the future reign of God and how He will return. Who will be receiving His wrath and why they will according to the history that we know of God.

We stretch out our arms grabbing with our left hand the past of God, and use our right hand to stretch out to the future of God and pull them together to create a kind of life that is chalked full of God stories and God vision.


Yet, the part of the story of God is that He is not just a God of the past and the future, but He is also a God of the present. In fact I believe that God does not adhere to the same time and space laws we do. He is somehow always present, He is somehow still able to see and interact with times past and is already waiting in times future.

And He calls us out of our history books and future prophecies to dwell with Him here and now, specifically through the laying down of our lives and reception of His eternal, everlasting, abundant life that is held in His all-powerful tight grip.

On the other hand there is a life of living IN the Spirit of God that overflows from the present to make our timelines all “mush”. A life that sees death coming and laughs “for to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

There is a life that makes since of the stories… and makes way for stories to be written, even today, of God miraculously changing the world through mere humans.

This is what a life of God is all about, His present and His presence.

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Twinkies, St. Francis, and Hippies.

This week is the beginning of a sad dawn for America. The death of the Twinkie. (Clinched fist raised in the air, Twinkie in the other hand, gangster tear running down my cheek.) Nah, just kidding. I haven’t bought a Twinkie in years and my understanding of food now has superseded my ability to enjoy a Twinkie. It would be more nutritious to swallow a spoon full of sugar and eat a cardboard box.

The thing is, I’ve been thinking about many things lately that relate to what I’ve just shared- In the midst of our great progression in this modern age, will wisdom ever “yo-yo” us back?

I met someone famous yesterday, Aswan North, the lead singer of one of my favorite rock bands. He is a cool dude, with an awesome story, and a gentle spirit. After I met him I almost immediately began an inner dialogue about fame, popularity, and riches. It wasn’t a pleasant dialogue. I’ve had this dialogue plenty of times. It’s what the world offers to us to chase after. It’s what many people chase after day in and day out. And it’s deeply affecting the christian religious world.

These goals are so very alluring and yet wisdom, in the form of the New Testament, tells us that they are harmful.

On a very practical level, I’ve been struggling with my usage of social media on my computer. It’s the way that I stay in touch with family and friends. It’s the way I “minister” to others. It’s also what keeps me distracted from getting much accomplished in the non-digital world. I’m a really clever and beloved guy in the digital world, I’m actually kind of popular… but at what expense? Continue reading “Twinkies, St. Francis, and Hippies.”


inward wandering

What am I going to eat today? I need to make coffee? How much money do I have? Is it cold outside? I need a new jacket? No, I don’t. I need to save my money. What”s on TV tonight? What can I watch? Who can I hang out with tonight? I wonder what they think of me? I can’t wait to spend time with God. He makes me feel so good. I have to go to work today though. I wish I didn’t. I wish I could work on my art, or maybe read some books and go to the gym. I need to get to the gym. I love reading. And I love watching movies. I can’t stand what’s happening with the presidential election right now. Maybe I should post something on Facebook about it. Continue reading “inward wandering”


Starting the day in Christ

Morning routines with God are like the preparing for a car trip. Cranking up the engine, warming it up. Checking the fluid levels, topping off ones that are low. Making sure the tires are good and windows are clean. Then you’re set to go most anywhere and do most anything. Then when in the middle of your daily norms you can hit the “gas” in your car loving the experience of being “on the road”.

The preparation makes way for the purpose. Oh, what a joy to live awakened to the present Christ.