My daughter Acadia gets grumpy when she’s hungry. For sometimes long periods of time you can place a pacifier in her mouth and she’ll suck on that thing like a machine…. but when she’s really hungry she’ll realize that no nourishment is coming and she spits that thing out and starts crying like there’s no tomorrow. IContinue reading “pacified”



“The Pharisees’ power rises from the burden they heap on the back of sincere Jews; their gratification comes out of the primitive manipulations of people’s fears of displeasing their God.” ~ Eugene Kennedy   Unfortunately many people have Stockholm Syndrome and like being oppressed by a “leader” other than Christ. It’s a good thing thatContinue reading “selah”

The Diamond and the Black Felt – reflections on last post…

Refer to Gospel of Love 11 of 21 to participate in this reflection… Encountering the word of God as a hearer can be just as informative for the deliverer. I’ve felt this way about the short commentary I did on John chapter 11 last week. As I’ve been in conversations about this blog with dear friendsContinue reading “The Diamond and the Black Felt – reflections on last post…”