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Discussing Righteousness

Being a righteous person and being perceived as a righteous person are not always synonymous. Being righteous sometimes causes people to perceive you as wicked. And being perceived as righteous sometimes requires a person to do wicked things to maintain that perception. The difference is in the secret motive of a person’s heart. Take the Christ for example – the only perfect Person ever. Misunderstood, rejected, crucified and killed. Righteous.

A Friend: What wicked thing can be done with a Christian motivation?
Me : Is the word Christian an adjective or a noun?

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Root Issue

When dealing with problems we can either lop off the branches of issues or we can put the axe at the root of the issue. Most times we are deceived into waging war on branches and then being stunned when they grow right back, never dealing with the root source. When looking at the varied issues with “those who call themselves church” we can make large lists of issues that need to be resolved. For example we can see the error in sinful people, bad doctrine, lack of prayer, hireling pastors, ext., ext., ext…. but this is what I see as the root issue… Continue reading “Root Issue”

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Hill of Beans.

Exposing ourselves to all the right doctrine and right teaching in the world doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if we aren’t willing to put on the type of humility that it takes to walk it out.  

Don’t just hear good teaching, do good teaching. And for Jesus’s sake don’t perpetually read books about Christian living and not live with the  Christ.


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“Idol in Tow”

“Treasure not up to yourselves treasures on the earth, where moth and rust disfigure, and where thieves break through and steal, but treasure up to yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth disfigure, and where thieves do not break through nor steal, for where your treasure is, there will be also your heart.”  ~ Jesus The Messiah ~  Matthew 6 

Jesus asks us of us hard sacrifices. Sacrifices that contribute to our freedom, and open wide the door to trusting Him.
He asks us the smash our idols that we’ve placed in front of ourselves. He wants us to be free and in right relationship with us.

Yet, we chose our own way with our idol in tow, creating new “christian doctrine” that justifies our actions and explains why we don’t have an intimate relationship with God.


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The Sweet Spot

“It happens all too often that the beautiful truths of the scripture get turned into rules and regulations that hinder us from true freedom. Well versed in scripture and religion, the adversary has used these things to turn us from the kind and lowly Jesus.”- page 21 of Unveiled

Christ came to bring us relationship with God the Father. The devil does all he can to thwart that, because in it lies the power. The relationship with God is the sweet spot, it’s the target. Everything else is just decoration and minor details.

sweet spot

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Sexuality and Christianity

I am troubled by how we have become so over aware of sexuality. Most every advertisement, every song, every article of clothing, every thought has been steered towards sex and sexual attraction. Sex, being a perk of life and the point of procreation is a wonderful facet of life. Despite popular opinion it is not the sole purpose and function of our lives. More specifically it is a fruit of a deep covenant relationship between a husband and a wife. It’s a mysteriously beautiful gift given to a relationship that is hidden in the secret places of love and deep connection with another person. Yet, in all it’s mystery and beauty a child can study sexual acts and look upon various naked bodies and presume to understand the mystery and beauty of sex.

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All in?

Once you realize that the Faith is not about performance and presentation you become ruined unto true relationship with real people and a real present God. You may attempt to reenter and find ways to rightly perform so that you convey the real relationship that you’ve learned about, but it won’t work. You can’t teach people that it’s not about lessons, that’s an oxymoron.

Christianity is costly. And it’s real life. You have no option of preserving a part of yourself while holding to and presenting your ‘thoughts about’ the Christian religion. Thoughts will get you nowhere. Christianity reaches the depths of one’s being and changes everything. Or it does not. To be taught or deceived into the thinking that Christianity is to be quarantined to just certain parts of your life may bear some fruit, but it will not give the full freedom that Christ died to give. And in turn it will not reproduce the same freedom in those you influence, but will cause bondage in others. Either you are the family of God with brothers and sisters, or you’re religious and partial in your spirituality. Either you are preforming, or you’re being true to yourself.

This prodding is not to chastise and treat you harshly. But to cause some reflection. At least you should know where you are. God doesn’t reveal the truth of your heart to condemn you. But to set you free. It may feel like you’re giving up some security and some safety, those are faux. Real security and safety happens when you let go of your doctrine and your religious understanding and trust the person of Christ, whom you have so firmly believed in. Either your beliefs about Him are true or they are not. Your holding them up doesn’t make them true, so your letting go of your tight grip doesn’t either. Christ is Lord and He is trustworthy of your whole life.

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Interesting enough, we Americans have used our Christianity to reinforce our violence, our careers, our family structures, our personal wealth, our dominance over one another, our social security, and our popularity . While Jesus’ teaching did not reinforce any of these. He most accurately taught in opposition to these things.

Naturally, we have to question weather or not our americanized version of faith is in fact Christianity. Or just a convenient religion of our making.