The Underground Church in the U.S.

“Contrary to the popular thinking of Christianity today, the Lord did not reach down and save us from sin and death so that we might be merely happy, healthy and wealthy. Those who teach this have invented another gospel and portray a false christ- the god of this age rather than the God of theContinue reading “The Underground Church in the U.S.”

us being right, ever?

When infused with the person of Holy Spirit we become awoken to the weaknesses and failures of everyone around us. A fight to use that info is constantly happening, the evil one loves to come in under the guise of religious and lawful thought turning those perceptions into a very satisfying fuel for why youContinue reading “us being right, ever?”

No More Invitations to Jerusalem

It’s pretty easy to see why New Testament gifts aren’t manifesting in many of today’s churches. It’s because our actions and interactions within our communities are most like the Old Testament. God took on flesh, died, and resurrected so that we could chose to die daily and be embodied by this resurrected God.  “Therefore I urgeContinue reading “No More Invitations to Jerusalem”