My Heart is Like a Comb Over

Well, I began my graduate level theological studies and immediately I was bombarded with the spirit of pride. Now as I have fought off that beast, for the mean time, I find myself frustrated with many strange and beautiful perspectives that challenge me and some perspectives that just flat out frustrate me. This morning in my intimateContinue reading “My Heart is Like a Comb Over”

Revival? Do You Really Want It?

Oh Lord, bring revival… Lord, we need revival…. revival this and revival that. This has been the prayer and trademark of most of the conservative traditional Churches of my time. I do agree with this prayer,  this is the cry of my heart and it has not been a bad prayer for the tradtional churches.   But, now itContinue reading “Revival? Do You Really Want It?”

God or Money?

Have you ever seen the pyramids in Egypt, aren’t they beautiful. Did you know that these pyramids were built on the backs of slaves and on the principle of oppression. Europeans forced African slaves to row large ships across the Atlantic Ocean exposing them to horrendous living conditions. When they reached the shores of this land they saw aContinue reading “God or Money?”

Protestants Vs. Catholics… Round 1

Thursday was just a typical day, until I got a call from a friend of mine named Markie. As we began to discuss the Lord and all that He has been teaching us, Markie stopped and asked me if something was burdening me. At that point, I had not even recognized that I had been carrying a burden;Continue reading “Protestants Vs. Catholics… Round 1”

The Return of the Martyr (Part 2)

What are the elemental requirements of Christianity? Do you have to believe in God? Believe in the trinity? Believe Jesus Christ died for our sins? Do you have to die? Let me paint a picture here with some scripture. In John chapter 2 Christ enters into the temple near the time of Passover with hisContinue reading “The Return of the Martyr (Part 2)”

The Return of the Martyr

Amos 2:11 I also raised up prophets from among your children and Nazerites from among your youths…But you made the Narerites drink wine and commanded the prophets not to prophecy. What is it about the human race that permeates peer pressure. Every action, every thought has every thing to do with influencing others. We sayContinue reading “The Return of the Martyr”

Heirs and Slaves

Recently I was reading in Galatians and this passage stood out…”…as long as heirs are underage they are no different from slaves although they own the whole estate.” The context of this scripture is about how Christ came to make us sons and daughters, we are not held in captivity to the law, but given totalContinue reading “Heirs and Slaves”