Right Aim

People who live in an active pursuit of relationship with God may find themselves directly or indirectly associated with a set of doctrines, a denomination, or a sect. By proximity. Yet the embrace of a religion, a set of beliefs, a sect …or a denomination does not necessarily put us in proximity of relationship with … More Right Aim

Not So Among You

My friend Kelsey once introduced me to her dad as her pastor, a title I both love and hate. It’s a biblical term and one that I am called to. I love pastoring and shepherding  people, helping them to get disentangled from the evil that seeks to entrap them. Much to my surprise, Kelsey told … More Not So Among You

Divine Debate

Who do you say that I am? Which one of you if your sheep fall in a ditch on a Sabbath would pull it out? Why are you persecuting me? Can these bones live? Who will go for us? (Luke 9:20; Matt 12:11; Acts 9:4; Ezek 37:3; Isa 6:8) Here are a few questions that … More Divine Debate


Where ever we’ve been. Whatever sins we’ve committed, however dirty and ashamed we’ve become He still knows us and desires to be with us. We must simply turn to Him.

Towering SkyLine

Sometimes my thoughts and opinions feel like buildings that tower over me. I live in their shadows and am known for their skyline. I know there is a fruited plain that is more revealing of my Master. I must strive to go there, to leave my opinions. To find peace near every bush and orchard … More Towering SkyLine


  It is purely through grace that God reveals Himself to us But on occasion we forget that And we begin to think of ourselves higher than we ought while making Him lower We judge and assess God based on how He responds to our demands and prayers This is not right God does not owe us anything … More Masterpiece