What is Freedom in the Kingdom Like?

“All good, all perfection, all happiness, are found in the infinitely good and perfect and blessed will of God. Since true freedom means the ability to desire and choose, always without error, without defection, what is really good, then freedom can only be found in perfect union and submission to the will of God. If our will travels with His, it will reach the same end, rest in the same peace, and be filled with the same infinite happiness that is His.

Therefore, the simplest definition of freedom is this: it means the ability to do the will of God. To be able to resist His will is not to be free. In sin there is no true freedom.”

Thomas Merton    New Seeds of Contemplation Chapter 27


Jason D. Goodnight

The Narrow Gate…Few Be That Find It

“Well I don’t know what will happen now. We’ve got some difficult days ahead. But it really doesn’t matter with me now. Because I’ve been to the mountaintop. And I don’t mind. Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will. And hes allowed me to go to the top of the mountain. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we as people will get to the promised land. And so I’m happy tonight. I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.”

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Last Sermon;    April 3rd, 1968

Life in the Kingdom comes in stages, first there are preliminary moves and commitments, but in the end there is true liberation. Without relentless pursuit there is no tangible Kingdom.

After some really great times with our small group I have come to a new understanding of the Kingdom and the otherness of it. I will do my best to express it but please don’t be too critical of my organization of it but please look to the over arching explanation.

I feel like at first when I began to follow Christ I had a peripheral understanding of what it meant to be saved and what it meant to be in the Church. I believed I was saved and  made an honest confession to God through Christ. This was a wonderfully new and great time in my life. Slowly I grew into discipleship where I surrendered more of my heart and mind; I began to pay tithes and to get involved in ministry. I stayed in this mode for a long while. And when I say mode I don’t to trivialize the word or meaning of Discipleship I mean this to be a title of the stage I was in. I had been there for a while when the Lord began to prompt more drastic changes in my life. He began calling me to give over my money, time, and life to Him.

I know that we read and ingest the many verses in the Gospels about sacrifice, but somehow the Kingdom Life is made up of and can only function in light of complete and udder submission to these texts. What I’m not saying is that when these texts are completely obey you find yourself in the Kingdom. I am saying that in the otherness of the Kingdom these teachings are the themes of the lifestyles. When Christ speaks of the Kingdom he always uses an example to try and explain the unexplainable. Its not the Kingodm is the result of Discipleship. Belief in Jesus is to  salvation  like Discipleship it to Kingdom life. They include each other yet they are like the inexplicable result. 

Some believers never get passed the savvation part of there Christianity. They go to church and love there pastor, maybe even read there Bibles on occasion. These folks live there careers out using the best Christian values. They have God as a part of there lives. Some folks live their whole lives in this mode of faith and never know anything besides it. I am not looking down on them I was there.

Then there are Disciples who dedicate there lives to following Christ, they read and pray and do all that they know to do. This stage is for the serious followers of Christ. They live out of deep hunger for God that is in return given back to them. These folks live out there lives trying to fulfill all that Christ puts in there path. I believe that this mode of dedication is most common and has a very long existence in the Christian life. These folks are acknowledged and are widely effective in there ability to reveal Christ to the world.

 Then there are folks who function in the mode of the Kingdom. This is the only place a Christian on earth can completely feel at home. There has been considerable sacrifice made to do what God has spoken them to do. They have given up all to follow and in return they have a freedom in God that is indescribable. They move to other countries, start movements, change the world. It’s amazing the difference that the Kingdom is from all other stages of following Christ.

Martin Luther King was a man who lived in the Kingdom. Long before he was assassinated on April 4th 1968 he had given up his life. He harped mockingly at death with a cavalier attitude. He knew that what the world valued was an abomination to God. He knew he was living to please God and did not care that his life would be taken for it.

Can you see it? This is kingdom life… this is life lived fully committed to God. No strings attached, head over heals. Picking up the cross and obeying.. to the uttermost.

Do You Want to Know Yourself? Maybe Not

Recently I’ve been reading a book called Jesus Today by Albert Nolan. A great book looking at the spirituality of Jesus in light of the signs and the times of today. 

In one of the chapters he speaks of the misinterpretation of the flesh and the spirit presented in Gospel and taken out of context by us. He speaks of how we have used the dualism of the body to give reason to mortifying our bodies and depriving ourselves. It is not discouraging the disciplines but a reinterpretation of the flesh being the desires of ourselves that look to tear down anything that might be good going on with us. I know this sound cryptic. But he goes on to explain that a better interpretation is that our ego can be a deceptive part of our being that in some strange way can be without notice performing in us its on agenda without our knowing.

So when Paul speaks of not fulfilling the desires of your flesh he is not speaking of the desire to watch the one eyed devil (the TV) or necessarily the Big Mac, but he may be eluding to the motive that lives in us that would rather use these things to keep us from facing the truth. That we would use things things the TV and the Big Mac from being humbled and challenged by the spirit of God. Our desires are not bad in themselves but our egos can work in contradiction from the spirit of God. Our egos have silent motives and ways of running our lives that is like a silent killer. It wants to protect us and make us look like we have it going on. But the spirit of God humbles us every time we encounter Him. Our egos can even deceptively turn our humility into a prideful and boastful character. Our egos can even make us believe that we have earned our salvation. “I prayed today, and fasted for two days, I preached a sermon, I gave away my money…I have earned God’s love”. But the truth is that God is bigger and more mysterious than we can even begin to imagine and he isnt even confined in the same time dimension as us. He stands outside of time and space, is time and space, and created time and space and yet interacts with us personally when we choose to recognize Him. Our egos would much rather have our little safe worlds where we have everything figured out and explained. Where we provide for ourselves and control our own destinies. But God calls us to the Kingdom of the heavens where he is…. inescapably is.

Our ego is like the animal instinct in us that wants to control everything. I had a stupid bird that built a nest in my dryer vent outside my house. My clothes would not dry and I had finally had it. I took my super suction vacuum and sucked the feathery nest our like a black hole. Then a day later she had built the thing right back in the same spot. I sucked it out again and put a screen over the hole. This is how my ego is this is. This is why I must pray everyday. My ego says “your a successful pastor sit back and hang out, call a few people, write a few blogs, justify yourself, show others you are smart and discerning.” But God says “You are a sacrifice… just not for me”. God calls me to prayer where he breaks my heart and reminds me that He is holy and fulfilling and that I need His otherness to even begin to be helpful to others. His spirit transcends my ego and demolishes its life making me whole. Whole… mind body and spirit…whole… in Christ.

My original purpose in writing this was just to set up a link to an online Ennagram test that ask hard questions about you that reveals your personality and your motives. But I got off on a tangent… the test like I said, asks questions that are uncomfortable to answer, but if answered truthfully reveal a lot about the motives of your ego, that might not be motivating. But as a result we can be more aware of the continued renovation that has to take place in our beings.


 May your heart be at peace in the embrace of the Father. 

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick

John 5:44 

How can you believe since you accept glory from one another but do not seek the glory that comes from the only God?

This was a part of a rebuke and discourse directed to the religious leaders during the time of Christ. He spoke to them of there acts of piety and of the religious social realm in which they lived. You could probably assume that it was kind of like today. “Who is your favorite preacher? Rabbi John. Oh yea well we were fishing the other day and all he could talk about was how much he enjoyed you prayers. Oh really How about that, but have you seen the congregation at his temple they are wild and crazy…”  Can you catch my drift. Christ speaks to them in there vanity of purpose and challenges all that they have founded there lives on. They sought the joy of the life of religion the benefits of being known religiously. But Christ spoke of whole “nother” type of life.

To the typical pharisee, Sadducee, pastor, and preacher it is a common way of living life to drifting into the social game of vain gratification, born from and self sustained with in the church or temple. But Christ came and spoke with authority. He spent all night in prayer and then spoke. He was led by the spirit of God into the wilderness and led a powerful life avoiding a physical Kingship (John 6:15), avoiding yelling in the streets (Isaiah 42:2), and telling people not to tell others who he was (Matt 9:30). Can you get a mental glimpse of this kind of life, the guy you never see but everything is upside down because of Him, he tip toes around in the non typical parts of town teaching and healing those who don’t have much influence or knowledge. He was just a silent blip on the radar of history, but the glory of the Father shattered all that is time and space with His life.

Can you see your life in light of this message. My life has looked more like the typical Pharisee than like that of Christ. But you know what? Recently I started to taste how good it would feel to live a life giving the glory to the Father silently. Donating money to a cause, but not telling anyone that I did it. Praying to the Father in silent but not looking for answers or resolutions. Coming out of the prayer closet speaking softly and gently apoligizing to someone who is angry with me.

Have you ever been around a person who spoke and you didn’t look down on them for how dumb they sounded, or you didn’t wish you were like them for how smart they sounded. Maybe they have been with the Father, learning how to be kind and to speak effectively. Learning how to serve those around them with there words not looking to make much of them selves.

Christ said of John the Baptist, 

Matthew 17:11 To be sure, Elijah comes and will restore all things. But I tell you Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him, but have done to him everything they wished. In the same way the Son of Man is going to suffer at their hands.

This life can be a powerful tool in the hands of God. But who’s hands are you in?    

Revival? Do You Really Want It?

Oh Lord, bring revival… Lord, we need revival…. revival this and revival that. This has been the prayer and trademark of most of the conservative traditional Churches of my time. I do agree with this prayer,  this is the cry of my heart and it has not been a bad prayer for the tradtional churches.  

But, now it seems that we are encountering a revival in America, but it is nothing like the traditional churches wanted or can understand. In our city of Charlotte there has been more successful church plants over the past five years than I care to count. And you know what, the older churches that have built there congregations on traditions and the style of there times are getting smaller and smaller and you know what they are praying “Lord bring revival…”.

We are a stiff necked people and sometimes the only way God can get through to us is by allowing us to encounter hard times. In his big scheme of things he sees chastisement and hardships as tools to straighten us out. He allows two “churches” to die and four He  births. We just want what will be comfortable and easy. This is where we have to be willing to go. We have to be willing to go to the cross and trust that the results will bring Glory to God. What we mean when we say we want revival is we want more tithe payers and more people to pat us on the back. What God means it that more people grow to trust Him and are challenged to live lives more wholly and Holy. He calls us into the prayer closet and tells us to refrain from indulging in the lust of the flesh. We want easy worship and benefits from the church… we want good childcare and easy discipleship.

Revival is here and you know what? It looks nothing like you planned, it is in the midst of churches where strange things are happening. It is in the midst of jean and t-shirt wearing former drug addicts. It’s at the homeless shelter were you feel uncomfortable. Revival is at the climax of an extended prayer times in the closet. Oh so you want revival well spend uncounted minutes in the prayer closet. We can’t be whiny about revival unless we are willing to pick up the cross and realize the utter joy found in the midst of the Father.

The spirit of the God is loving and accepting of all. He always loved and never condemned. He never judged those who were honest with themselves and in turn left us with an example as to how to treat the world. We can’t seem to even get over judging other denominations and people who are siting next to us in pews. But God in the flesh loved the tax collector and the sinner, he challenged the religious leader while they tried to stone an adulterous. He loved the unlovable and in turn showed them the love of the Father. This is what we call others into when living our lives in love and the spirit. We call them into God’s relentless unconditional love. And when they begin to see it in us then they can begin to receive the salvation that is freely offered to the world.

Revival is here… but its not in your suit or you pew… it’s in the prayer closet, Where the Father Is.

God or Money?

Have you ever seen the pyramids in Egypt, aren’t they beautiful. Did you know that these pyramids were built on the backs of slaves and on the principle of oppression. Europeans forced African slaves to row large ships across the Atlantic Ocean exposing them to horrendous living conditions. When they reached the shores of this land they saw a people that looked like they were from India so they named them Indians. They were hostile towards Americans and we wanted their land so we killed millions of them. Our nation’s economy is built on the backs of immigrants and minorities as we pay them unfair wages and continue to treat them in an unfair way. 

An we call our nation a “Christian” nation. We have cut and pasted our way to a gospel contrary to Christ’s gospel. The true gospel was very hard to swallow in Christ’s time because it revolutionized all the social norms. It called the disciples to turn the other cheek, to forgive, to bless their enemies; It called them to not store up for themselves treasures on earth, and to not worry about tomorrow.

But where have we gone wrong… What is the American Dream? And why has the Church swallowed it hook, line, and sinker? You see there are two ways to become successful you can serve money- stepping on every one else, pushing down the poor, and storing up riches. Or you can serve God-  giving to those who ask of you, and praying for those who persecute you. You can either continue on the path of self exaltation at the cost of everyone around you. Or you can live life caring for others, giving to the poor, blessing the people in your world.   

“You words sound like wisdom except for the chaffing in my heart.” Were the words of Frodo in Lord of the Rings. It sounds nice to have a successful career, a nice house, with a picket fence, But is it the “Christian life” your desiring to help make that happen or something different. You see Christ tells us to pick up the cross. The cross is not a turning away from what is bad and just accepting good, like the typical American family that doesn’t drink, smoke, or cuss. The Christian life is choosing to be a living sacrifice. It is choosing to walk in a manner not fleeing those who sin but dieing to self righteousness and loving the oppressed and misunderstood. Caring a cross means willfully giving up your own desires. Not just taking on the pain of trying to live a sinless life.  What a sad and unattractive Gospel that Americans often offer one another… “live life without sex and beer, and you can be just like me.” That is a sad pointless Gospel. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t choose to die for the sake of the pain, he saw that what God was calling him to meant that it might cost him his life but the reward far exceeded the price. MLK lived a life to free a lot of people from the deception of racism and lost his life in the process, but let me tell you he gave his life long before the assassin’s bullet entered his body.

That is the Gospel, Christ saw our forgivness as a possibility and He endured pain unthinkable so we could have life. And this is where we have to strive to live, everything in our culture says otherwise. Even most of what we see in the American Church is more of a interesting philosophy than of a self sacrificing revolution. You know what, there is nothing sexy about the cross, it can’t be dressed up, and it can’t be avoided.

I am writing to those who for some reason feel empty and out of place in there “walk” with God. I am posing a question that maybe you have accepted a Gospel that has been neutered of the point and the power. There is freedom in the cross and a security beyond comprehension. What can an enemy do to a person who willingly gives himself up…. nothing.  

So take up your cross and feel the power that comes with laying down your life. Redeem those around you who are being oppressed. Love the unlovable because you are now not living for your own gain and success, but for the low and downtrodden. Share some of your money with a needy person who can’t make money like you can, and who doesn’t trust God like you do. Have you thought of that… we can give freely because we know where it comes from and that God will make sure that we don’t go in need.

If you keep it, it will eat you alive, but if you give it away your life will become heavenly. 

Rejecting God’s Kingdom for My Own

A 5 year old boy was walking through the store the other day, he had a Panthers baseball hat on and had a handful of Power Rangers toys and his Mom was pushing a buggy full of many other toys too numerous to count, and it was just a spectacle to me. You see if you read my last blog or have read it, I’m not talking about you or you or you, I was writing to myself. Kind of like writing a letter to yourself because you know this is important and you are most likely to forget it. So the Lord is really dealing with me, like life changeably so.

So I saw the kid with the buggy and thought that is exactly how I am. I want all kind of things and store them up as if they make me happy. I buy something I want because I have the money to. Hey it’s my choice isn’t it. I pay my tithes, I give to others when it’s convenient, I serve in the church. But the more stuff that I buy the more I feel like I can’t control it. The more I obey the impulses of my body the more impulses I have. It’s like it’s taking over me. It is spiritual.

So I have realized that I need sacrifice. Sacrifice….. its a big and meaningful word, but I don’t know what it means. I don’t sacrifice S#@*! And the more I realize this is the kind of life God wants me to lead the more it becomes fathomable and I start to feel the blessedness of it. And then, I step outside my door or turn on my TV and every thing is so contradictory. Our culture says that you need to have the best clothes and have nice things. Our culture says that you deserve it, your earned it. The world says to store up all your goods, have a big house and car, make sure to be looking forward to retirement. How are your stocks? Where are you going on vacation? What kind of work do you do?

The early church had all things in common. I don’t know if you have noticed it but in other cultures there is not such a sense of personal possession as in America. We want our things and we end up by ourselves in a big house going crazy. We need Christian community, and when we take it seriously and learn to love those around us you can bet that God will ask you to sacrifice.

I want the kingdom of God to come into my life and as long as the World is in my life the Kingdom is not going to come. So God, I am turning from the World and asking your Kingdom to come. PS Lord: remind me of this tomorrow because I am likely to forget.

Letter to the Pharisee

To My Dear Friend,

It has been great to know you so well and be in such agreement with who God has been making you in to. But I do not write to endorse your current lifestyle but I write to rebuke it.

You live your life with such utter self satisfaction that I believe you are killing us both. Not only is it killing your on ability to see the Kingdom but is has devastating effects on your “hearers”. Have you ever read the be-attitudes? Have you ever stepped out side of your door to see poor and dying people? Or have you pacified the spirit of God by Church attendance and tithes? Are you really ministering to people or are you just satisfying your own mind by telling them about your beliefs?

I writing because I am sick and tired of your resistance to God’s will for your life. You have been recently confronted with the broken people of the world and I believe you have promise to become a true Disciple, but you must step away from what the people around you say and do in this regard. You must learn the yoke of Christ and go back and teach it to the masses.

What has led you to think that the world somehow is a happy place with no issues. Have you been sitting on you big house on the hill for too long? Are you on the nice side of town now? Do you have a gun to shot those who persecute you? Corinthians writes, who knows the spirit of man but the man himself, but we have the spirit of God in which we know God. So if you know the mind of God why do you resist? Are you living so outside of his spirit that you don’t even know what he is saying anymore?

I am suggesting that you wake up. Actually I am demanding that you wake up and follow Christ or just hang it up because I just can’t continue to be your friend anymore if you don’t start picking up your cross.

 It breaks my heart to write with such power but you know as well as I that this message can only be received on you knees and will only be effective if taken seriously.

With Love You Friend,

Protestants Vs. Catholics… Round 1

Thursday was just a typical day, until I got a call from a friend of mine named Markie. As we began to discuss the Lord and all that He has been teaching us, Markie stopped and asked me if something was burdening me. At that point, I had not even recognized that I had been carrying a burden; then I recognized it and realized that I had been burdened for most of the week and it was killing me. Markie then proceeded to give me a word from God that he felt impressed upon his heart, and honestly the method he used to deliver the “word” was he spoke in tongues and interpreted it as he spoke it. Now, if your reading and your already kinda freaked out, I know because I wanted to be as well, but the words that Markie interpreted were words that only the Lord knew and were spoke from a tone that is only the Lord’s. And on top of all that the presence of God was very evidently confirming this message.

Okay, so if that got your attention and your still here and you don’t think I am a heretic then you will appreciate the events that happened the next couple of days. 

After my experience with Markie which really encouraged me. (The Lord’s words were comforting and confirming). I began to seek the Lord again like I haven’t in years I began to realize that I had spent too much time looking at others and trying to fit in and I needed to look to God and be who he had called me to be.

Two days after my experience with Markie,  I visited my dear friend Father John and we went to Belmont Abbey to a Mass to see two brothers make solemn vows into the monastery. This was my first Catholic mass and boy it was very different from anything I could have ever imagined. I have been asked to give some sort of assessment of it since it was my first real experience at mass. And I don’t know if accessing it would be fair. But I will say that the service was completely planned, performed, and attended with complete confidence and perfection. The feeling I got of the experience was very reverent and respectful towards the Lord and towards Church leadership and each other. The gospel and Jesus were the most reveared topics in the entire event, this was completely refreshing. The liturgy was solemn and peaceful, yet was not very kind to newcomers, but I guess there is a reason why I was introduced to the Abbott as an “evangelical”. The most exciting moment was when the Church was preparing communion, it was sacred, obviously held in the highest regard. If I didn’t recognize the spirit of God previous to that I did in that moment. It was the heat of the presence of God, but as we were beginning to take the elements I would soon be confused by the strange and methodical ritual and the potency of the wine (that was the best wine I had tasted and the first time I had any alcohol in about a decade). The experience was real and I went away feeling like “I had been to Church”.

Then on the strange pendulum of this past weekend, Sunday we had a very prophetic preacher visit our church from Italy, Pastor Roslyn. She spoke with the authority and authenticity of God. Many people heard what God was saying to them and we all experienced a powerful visitation from God.

So I mention all these things as if they are being critically weighted against each other, As if there is and us and them and let me tell you how “they” have it wrong and “we” have it right. But you know what I don’t think that’s fair. I don’t think that it’s fair because I think our perspectives of each other (protestants and catholics) are based upon the SIN of Judgment mentioned in a little teaching called The Sermon on the Mount and maybe you’ve heard of the teacher, awe man he is Awesome, I think they call Him Jesus, The Son of God in the flesh!  What I realized is that the people I met after mass on Saturday including Matt and Scott are strong, hungry, well seated believers in Christ. They are not wavering on what they are “feeling”, they are seated on the rock of solid foundational teaching and time tested traditions. And what most of us are deceived into believing is that we have it right and they have it wrong. All the while the truth is that none of us can make it without Christ that’s why he came.

I find it interesting that in the charismatic movement so much is weighted on feelings, for example today a good friend of mine was upset at what a “prophet” said at his Church on Friday and is ready to find a new church. I guarantee Matt or Scott for any peripheral reason would not”look for a new church”.

We could look at each of these types of churches as the left and right side of the brain. One church could function more on one or the other side of the brain and another a mixture of the two. The liturgy an religion being the left side and the feeling and the gifts of the spirit on the right. Some churches don’t function too highly in the liturgy and tradition of the church and gravitate towards the gifts and the feeling of the spirit. Other churches function in the more structured acts of the church and less in the emotions, but what seems to be the ultimate truth about it all is that weather or not this or that happens in the church if the individual Christian does not live in communion with God outside of the church then they are dead in the water. If you are experiencing the liturgy of “your” church but not experiencing God in you prayer closet then you probably are not healthy. And if you are a fire breathing spirit filled believer and can’t explain the trinity the you are probably also unhealthy.

The meeting place is not the point, the actions of the church are not the point, Jesus Christ is the point. Not my writing… not your thinking… Jesus Christ.

I would like to hear what you think, I don’t by any means want to come across in this blog as authoritative just determined to seek truth. If you have any thoughts or a simple response hit comment below.

What a Dumb Question!

Matthew 19:16 Just then a man came up to Jesus and asked, “Teacher, what good thing must I do to get eternal life?”

What a dumb question.  I really just don’t want to believe that someone who evidently was wealthy and evidently was in some way wise would asked such an off based question. I mean the whole perspective of the question is all wrong.

But maybe this is what most people naturally gravitate towards when they think of religion and in turn Christianity. It becomes a kind of investment into our post death retirement fund.

The psalmist writes “whom have I in heaven but thee” and “who have I on earth but Thee”(psalm 73). The Levites where the first priesthood and when all of the land of Israel was given to the tribes the Levites did not get a piece of land they got “the Lord as their portion”(Num. 18:20). But now we are a priesthood according to Hebrews.

So what is this guy thinking, the son of God who gives salvation by grace to those who call on him, stands in front of God incarnate and calls him “teacher” or some old texts say that he says “good teacher”. Can you hear the lofty ignorance? I can almost picture a man rollin’ up in a limo, rollin’ down his window and asking “Pardon me, but do you happen to have some Grey Poupon?”. Okay so maybe this guy was being honest and just speaking what he knew. Or maybe he was just after the “reward” of the faith, but not the cost of it all. I once heard someone say in a prayer meeting “thank you for making this such an adventure kind of like a Indiana Jones movie.” And the truth is that this life gives you a purpose beyond what you can understand. You are valuable and you have curtain gifts that God wants you to use. He puts you on paths that are mysterious and dangerous and gives you the tools to conquer every situation.

I heard a preacher one time pose the question “What if there was not a heaven? What if the experience of the Kingdom here on earth was it? Would it be worth it?”

If you are having a hard time with that question maybe you are in the wrong church. Maybe you have not really put your whole heart mind and strength into searching for God. Maybe you need to give up something that has been keeping you back.

Our God is a jealous God, he wants to spend time with us and nourish us. Not for a reward: either socially or spiritually, but an honest down right experience with Him. When you take off your watch, turn off the TV, put down the book, and quiet yourself He is there. Can you feel Him? Nouwen says that you can never be less alone than when your alone. That’s why we naturally try to avoid solitude avoid silence. But as Jason Upton sings “In the silence you are speaking”.

So may you remember that the Kingdom of God is at hand and that God is only far as you run from Him. At an honest whisper of the heart he is amazingly responsive. Call Him and see.  

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