Bible Devotions

Angry with God?

When I was younger in the Lord I worked for a science museum, it was a great job to interact with a lot of people, I loved it. I remember meeting a volunteer there who was an older man. He was possibly in his mid sixties with a well worn wrinkled face, he was lean with the mentality of a military man and the gentleness of a seasoned Christian. The staff really loved him as he was easy to deal with and accomplished a ton, especially for just a volunteer.

One day God gave me a simple prophetic word for him, seeing that he was seemingly a weathered Christian, I approached him andbegan sharing with him. He responded with words that have echoed through my life ever since. He said “I have enough trouble in my life without God. I don’t need anymore trouble.”  Come to find out my friend was a son of a Baptist minister, and although he had experiences that regenerated certain facets of his personality he was far from walking with God.

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