Battle Tactic – Humility

“The plan was put into effect when the evil villain, Lucifer, enslaved the citizens of the kingdom of earth through treachery and deceit. He usurped the authority of the rightful Ruler and set up his own rival government. The good Ruler sent His most skilled servants to try to recapture the occupied territory, but with few exceptions the villain seduced and defeated them. Finally, the Ruler sent His only Son, the rightful Prince, to invade Lucifer’s territory, free the captive subjects and retake the kingdom under the family banner.

But the battle tactics of the Son were odd, to say the least. In fact, the manner in which He fought seemed to insure defeat. At one point, when Lucifer had the Prince pinned, the Son merely yielded to the deathblow. All appeared lost and the people’s hearts fainted in despair. Little did they realize the best and final part of the plan was just about to go into play. It was called the resurrection, and it was the only battle tactic that could deliver the killing blow to the enemy and his hordes of evil rulers.” ~ ┬áJoni Eereckson Tada

Is there a God?

The question that plagues seekers is one easily answered by looking at culture. Who is the one that constantly gets cussed, rejected, blasphemed, and pushed to the sidelines? Who is always getting blasted in the media? Who is the one that intellects argue against?

If you have questions about who God is. Look across the landscape and look for the many traces of rejection and you will get an outline of who is God.

Isaiah 52:5-6 “All day long my name is constantly blasphemed. Therefore my people know my name;…”

god listens

For further reference to this God look at Isaiah 53