The Kid Has Potential

Ever see a parent trying too hard to protect a kid? Maybe an overprotective dad holding on to the back of a bike with training wheels? Ever seen a parent let a small kid have a little freedom to see what they will do?

kid with capeAs a toddler I focused on an impossible mission of looking for my stuffed animal named “fishy” at the beach. My dad says that I just said that “I want my fishy.”, and then started walking down the beach away from my family. To you guys who know my personality, it would not surprise you that I kept walking in a determined fashion for miles until my dad who was following from a distance finally picked me up.

Psalm 139 says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. This means to me that we have amazing potential. Potential to do great things and potential to really screw things up. I see the Father God looking upon us with that same scared look as He lets us try new things. He knows that what you could do is immeasurable.

You my friend are fearfully and wonderfully made. The potential you have to change the world is limitless.

For years pride had me

pressing the pedal to the metalĀ in the proverbial car that is my calling.

I now realize that steering and the others functions of driving are just as important.

I know how to use the gas pedal which is good.

Now to steer…




the gas!