Who’s the Teacher?

Jesus is the teacher. In the New Testament texts He takes a lot of time to reinterpreting the Old Testament, revealing it’s true intention. Traditional Judaism calls this process binding and loosing. “The expressions “bind” and “loose” were common to Jewish legal phraseology meaning to declare something forbidden or to declare it allowed.”  This sameContinue reading “Who’s the Teacher?”

Getting Back to the Basics

Worship had been electrifying. The room was charged with the presence of the Almighty. Everyone had a gift to bring, no one was exempt. It’s just funny we even went there, but somehow it was like we accidently ran over the right road marker that showed us we were on the right path. The roadContinue reading “Getting Back to the Basics”

At the Helm ~ Reflecting on Leadership

There is a scale of leadership style I envision; on this scale most of us sit somewhere between  the two ends, and at times we swing back and forth according to needs. The two ends are dependance upon themselves, and dependance on others. Good leaders work in a balance between the two swinging back andContinue reading “At the Helm ~ Reflecting on Leadership”