From Compartment to Fulfillment (Updated*)

One of the more difficult facets about coming out of an organized and human sustained church environment is transitioning into a life more dependent on relationship with God and with the organic group of people that God has strategically placed us in. When I received the revelation that God was calling me out of the traditional prescribedContinue reading “From Compartment to Fulfillment (Updated*)”

us being right, ever?

When infused with the person of Holy Spirit we become awoken to the weaknesses and failures of everyone around us. A fight to use that info is constantly happening, the evil one loves to come in under the guise of religious and lawful thought turning those perceptions into a very satisfying fuel for why youContinue reading “us being right, ever?”

The Compass of Life

The truth shall set you free. This is uncomfortable reality of my life right now. I have created many comfortable lies in my life that uphold my false sense of accomplishment and encouragement. It’s amazingly sobering how when encountered by pure truth all things are laid bare and all of our own false realities vanish intoContinue reading “The Compass of Life”