Getting to Know Him

A dear friend of mine who happens to be a Catholic Monk (apposed to an Urban Punk Monk which I don’t really embrace at this point) shared with me his understanding of getting to know God and it has stuck with me. It should be mentioned that this guy is the real deal who has beenContinue reading “Getting to Know Him”

Love Till’ it Hurts

God loved people enough that He sent a part of Himself, His Son, to us[1]. This Son this God in flesh was a man who was grief-stricken[2]; all He saw broke His heart. He was weighted down with sadness and sorrow so much so that He constantly had to spend time with Father God[3]. WhenContinue reading “Love Till’ it Hurts”

The Compass of Life

The truth shall set you free. This is uncomfortable reality of my life right now. I have created many comfortable lies in my life that uphold my false sense of accomplishment and encouragement. It’s amazingly sobering how when encountered by pure truth all things are laid bare and all of our own false realities vanish intoContinue reading “The Compass of Life”