Bible Devotions

Intro to Daily Meditations

New convictions have been formed demanding that I add a daily meditation to my personal devotions. When I say meditations what I am referring to is taking a few passages and chew on them for a short time period and see what I can take away. From my experience I have been nourished in the innermost parts by this act of mediation and become one with the Word in ways that only God fully knows.

I am choosing to document these here as a sort of accountability source. I don’t suspect the resulting thoughts about the scriptures will be incredibly insightful to you, but from experience knowing others devotional lives can be more insightful than their teaching.

So here I go putting these up daily, forgive me if they are not that helpful. This blog is meant for you to glean from the fruit of my contemplations.

I pray now God would use them to bless you.