Pursuing a Prayer Life

“He had broken through a great deal of his own struggles with the emotional demands of life with God. And he knew himself, I think, very concretely as a result of the various demands that the life of prayer made on his humanity.”          ~Abbot John Bamberger on Thomas Merton



Isaiah 62:6-7    6 I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem;        they will never be silent day or night.        You who call on the LORD,        give yourselves no rest,     7 and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem        and makes her the praise of the earth.

Submersive Prayer

For what purpose has God called me? Have you pondered the question? He has imputed His righteousness so that we might be able to approach the Father’s holiness. Have you taken advantage? Prayer. A commonly used word that is often missunderstood for sheer over use of it. I would like to redefine it today in theContinue reading “Submersive Prayer”