Unwelcome Guests

While recently being more intimatly aware of the unspoken side of Christian faith, deliverance. I have become more and more aware of how it all works. Luke 11:24 speaks about how unclean spirits seek to find a place to rest. This simple concept speaks volumes. For you to find rest in a hotel with your spouse over the weekend there are probably some standards that you guyshiking trail have. For example, my standards are different than my wives. I could stand to stay in a roach motel and save about 75 dollars comparitivly speaking. But, because of my wife’s desires and comfort levels I will spend a little more so we will both be comfortable. My comfort will come from her being satisfied.

So, for an evil spirit to dwell in the life of a person there must be a level of welcome to that spirit. Unforgivness and unrepentant sin are two major areas also any association with false religions or the occult. But what Luke 11:14-28 points to is what I would describe as closing off all areas of welcome.

Imagine a mountian with many roads that have been cut out of the mountain for cars to travel. That is the access we can leave for unwanted guests. We can invite Jesus into our lives to dwell on our “mountain”, but He will not remove the access points we created. With His help they can be removed, but we must acknowledge our areas of sin and repent. Ultimatly, in light of deliverance ministry, the mountian that represents our lives must be swept clean of any unwelcome guests and the access roads must be removed from the sides of our mountains so that no other unwanted guests would make it home.

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The Compass of Life

The truth shall set you free. This is uncomfortable reality of my life right now. I have created many comfortable lies in my life that uphold my false sense of accomplishment and encouragement. It’s amazingly sobering how when encountered by pure truth all things are laid bare and all of our own false realities vanish into thin air.

compassFrom early on in the Hebrew scripture, the adversary to God painted elaborate portraits of lies for humanity to fall into. “Surely you will not die when you eat of the fruit… you will be like God knowing good and evil.”  The couple believed this lie as a result found themselves in the midst of the beginning of a world without the standard of God’s truth. Because of their actions they were cast out of the place where they knew to be home, and were cast under a curse that separated them from the ability of living in the true realm of reality.

The 21st century is not so different. I made choices in my younger days that were in disobedience to what I knew to be true. I fell into a spell, bound by a substance that perpetuated the fog of falsehood that kept me captive from the truth for many years.

Now in the light of the redeemer, I continue to need truth to break me from my tendencies of falling asleep into a false sense religious reality. If I have successful work ethic in religious things something in my guts tells me to sit back and look at the storehouse of my good deeds. I unconsciously pat myself on the back and revel at how great I am. This attitude destroys much of the progress that I may have been making. This is a problem in my life.

That is why I always have to keep the truth of the good report if Jesus Christ in front of me. My good deeds are as nasty rags, the Hebrew Scriptures tell us (Isaiah 64:6). So the fact is that there is no accomplishment or good thing we could do that can be the compass to our success. The only compass that can lead our lives is the bashed and bloody body of the Only Son of God.

The scripture says that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

May the truth reboot your soul’s perception of reality. And may Jesus Christ be glorified on earth as He is in Heaven.