Transfiguration (Matt 17)

Revisiting the very mysterious passage in Matthew 17 was a revealing time for me today.  As of late I have been struggling to feel satisfied with my productivity. I have found myself wanting to do  more, wanting to jump the gun on a few things I know God is calling me to. I hope you can relate to what I’m talking about. I have just wanted to pleasing my Father in Heaven.

Well, over the past few days I have been led to read Matthew 17 a few times. And time after time of reading it I have had little insight or revelation…until today.   To recount the story Jesus takes Peter James and John on the mount with Him and He enters into an illuminating conversation with Moses and Elijah. The disciples don’t know what to do, they start talking crazy and the Father speaks to them and says “THIS IS MY SON IN WHOM I AM WELL PLEASED,LISTEN TO HIM” Christ walks them back down the Mount and tells them not to tell anyone.

Okay, we have all read the story, but today the Lord showed me something new.    Jesus takes the three guys who are always the closest and most spiritual with Him. These are the guys that are the only ones to pray over some sick people with Him, they are the ones who are most trusted, and they are ones who will come to write scripture that will be forever canonised in the New Testament. So these guys must of thought highly of themselves… they must of thought they were hot stuff.  So He takes them up the mount and they freak out at the sight of the Glorified Christ… I mean freak out like fall to the ground, and if that wasn’t enough the Father speaks to them and says “This is my son in whom I am well pleased..” He doesn’t say “You guys are great I love you your doing my will, keep on working at it.” He doesn’t say “hey Plant my church and I will bless you.”  He says “THIS IS MY SON… IN HIM I AM WELL PLEASED.” You see it is only in Christ that the father can accept us, it is only by the blood. It can not be earned or stressed over, it is given freely because of the love of the Father and the Sons obedience through the Holy Spirit.

You see because we have accepted Christ as our Savior the father sees Him when he looks at us. He sees the one who is well pleasing to Him. He sees the sacrifice. If we ever thought we could earn the Fathers favor and blessing we are mistaken. Christ was brutally beaten… He was crucified and Buried. And do you remember what the Son of God prayed in the Garden. “If there is any other way…”.  So you know what there is no other way. It is only by the blood, only by the Son; the beloved son who is glorious beyond all understanding.      So may you today reflect on the Beauty of Our Lord Jesus. May He get the glory forever and ever.


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